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Once in awhile it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” – Alan Keightley

Welcome to our travel site:  More 2 Explore.

We hope this site inspires individuals to live the lives they were meant to live; to get out into this vast, beautiful world and explore more. To realize there is more to this life than the traditional 9 to 5.  We also plan to share our travel, cultural and educational experiences with our followers.

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Basel Brings in the Holidays!


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It is that time of year again and Basel is ready to celebrate. Not sure what to do or where to go? Listed below you will find a few ideas the entire family can enjoy!


MünsterplatzThe Lighting of the Christmas Tree – Thursday, November 27

Mark your calendars for Thursday, November 27 at 18:30 p.m. for the official lighting of the Christmas tree in Münsterplatz. This will be the official kick – off of the Christmas markets, so don’t miss this great evening. The music during the event will be performed by the Musik Akademie.


Christmas MarketsThursday, November 27

The smell of glühwein infused with flammkuchen is symbolic of holidays in Switzerland. The twinkling lights, Christmas trees, the bustling crowds and the overall merriment penetrate the senses to make for the perfect outing at the Basel Christmas Markets – or any other Christmas Market for that matter.


Your Guide to Christmas Markets in the Area:

Location Dates Food & Drink Parking
Basel – Barfüsserplatz & Münsterplatz

Official start of the market begins on November 27 at 18:30 when the lights are lit in Münsterplatz

November 27 through

December 23

Open daily 11:00 – 20:00

Yes Yes
Zurich November 20 through

December 23

Yes Yes
Bern November 29 through

December 27

Yes Yes
Lucerne – Franziskanerplatz December 4 through December 21 Yes Yes
Montreux November 21 through December 24 Yes Yes
Freiburg, Germany November 24 through

December 23

Monday – Saturday – 10:00 20:30

Sunday – 11:30 – 19:30


Yes Yes
Baden-Baden, Germany November 24 through December 30

11:00 – 21:00

Christmas Eve 10:00 – 15:00

Yes Yes
Colmar, France November 21 through

December 31

Yes Yes


For more information on Christmas markets, please visit the following websites:



France: http://www.noel-colmar.com/en/


Stadtlauf – Saturday, November 29

Looking for a beautiful way to spend a night under the lights of Basel? Consider running the Basel Stadtlauf, which is a fun run through the city that is sure to bring in your holiday spirit. For added enjoyment, children can also run the race, which is a true joy to watch.


 Free Ice Skating – Sunday, November 30

Free entry at the Kunsteisbahnen Margarethen and Eglisee.

Margarethen Open from 10 – 19

Kunsteisbahn Eglisee from 9 – 19

An entire program has been planned for the Margarethen location starting at 13:00 including: curling, ice hockey, music and more. Don’t miss this fun event!


Robi-Spiel – In Münsterplatz – December 4 – December 22

Allow the children in your family to get swept away by the magic of the holidays at Robi Spiel. With glass blowing, gingerbread decorating, train riding, hot chocolate to drink and fresh bread to make over an open fire, what’s not to love?

Monday – Friday from 13:30 – 19:00

Saturday – Sunday from 11:00 – 19:00



Sunday Shopping in Basel! December 14 and 21     13:00 – 18:00


If you haven’t quite purchased all of your holiday gifts consider taking advantage of shopping on Sunday in Basel. For two days starting at 13:00, Basel will open their stores to make those last-minute purchases.

If you are not sure what to do with your children, consider the professional child services offered by Kindernäscht. Located at Gerbergasse 14 on the second floor, this childcare service is available for children 18 months of age to 12 years. Parents pay by the hour and a reservation is typically not required. To learn more about Kindernäscht, please visit their website: http://www.kindernaescht.ch.

Oh, and don’t forget to give and help those in need!

This year, the Swiss Post will be celebrating their 18th annual 2 X Christmas that helps collect food and items that families can use on a routine basis to deliver to those in need. Each year the Swiss Post ships (free of charge) the items you donate to Bern where the items in the boxes are sorted and distributed to those in need.


If you are looking for a way to contribute to the holiday cheer by helping those in need, all donations can be dropped off at your local post office from the 24th of December through the 10th of January.

To read more about this worthy cause, please visit:


Here’s to making the most of the holidays!  Be well and share the holiday cheer!

Photo of the Week – Nov 22nd


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The weekend is upon us – yippee!  What are your plans for these two days of relaxation?  We plan on rambling through the woods on Saturday and on Sunday a beautiful trail run.  Despite the cold temperatures, the weather is incredible and the sun is shining – let’s go outside!

This photo was taken high above Engelberg, Switzerland.

Have a great weekend everyone and for those of our readers in the States, have a memorable Thanksgiving next week!


The “Photo of the Week” on More 2 Explore is taken from our collection of travel photos throughout the past 7 years and is typically from the same month for which it is posted. Be sure to click “follow” to see more photos each week! (usually posts on Friday)

Videy Island – Iceland


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Videy Island, Iceland, Reykjavik, Island, More2Explore, More 2 Explore, Travel, Boat, Ferry, Ocean

After spending days stretched out in the countryside, our return to the city of Reykjavik felt overwhelmingly claustrophobic. We longed for a place to stretch out and hear the lull of quiet. Our children ached to run freely and so, a trip to Videy Island seemed like the ideal solution.

Videy Island, Iceland, Reykjavik, Island, More2Explore, More 2 Explore, Travel, Boat, Ferry, Ocean

A short boat ride (5-10 minutes) from the outskirts of the city and we were among a handful of people on a very peaceful island. The children loved rambling about, embraced the small playground (with a wacky swing) and we basked in the tranquility the island provided.

Videy Island, Iceland, Reykjavik, Island, More2Explore, More 2 Explore, Travel, Boat, Ferry, Ocean

Though there is essentially nothing to do on the island other than walking, exploring, taking a stroll on a black sand beach, or enjoying a cup of coffee, we were right where we wanted to be.

Videy Island, Iceland, Reykjavik, Island, More2Explore, More 2 Explore, Travel, Boat, Ferry, Ocean

Sometimes nothing is everything!

And as we are wrapped in the hustle of the years end and all that that entails, we pine for the quieter days that Iceland so magically provided. Days where the sun slowly stretched out over the horizon, where waves were observed from sandy, idyll beaches and where nothing ever felt hurried. So, despite the fact that the pace of life at the moment seems to be sweeping us off our feet, we reflect on the slower, quieter times that was Iceland and we are reminded that sometimes nothing is indeed everything!

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished.”  Lao Tzu

Photo of the Week – Nov. 7th


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Looking for a nice way to spend a weekend along the scenic Rhine River in Basel?  The BaselHead International Rowing race will take place in Basel on Saturday, November 15.  Stand either along the Klein Basel side of the river (Northern side) or on the Wettsteinbrücke for a dramatic view of the race.  The regatta will start (near the Mittlere Brücke) at 14:00 with the first boats moving concluding the race around 14:20.  All the best to those competing in this very tough sport!


If you have a sporting event in your area you would like to share, please let us know.

The “Photo of the Week” on More 2 Explore is taken from our collection of travel photos throughout the past 7 years and is typically from the same month for which it is posted. Be sure to click “follow” to see more photos each week! (usually posts on Friday)

The Weekend Retreat – Above Lake Luzern


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It happened again, the moment we stepped foot into the cozy, one bedroom weekend retreat, we asked ourselves the question, “Could we live here?” We were only visiting for a week, but in that week, with remarkable views, a wood burning stove and modern accommodations, we settled in.


We found ourselves eager to wake each morning just to see the lake change right before our eyes – the mist slowly rising and falling like a blanket draped over a person who was unsure whether they were too hot or too cold. The sun casting what appeared to be handfuls of glitter on the surface of the water and the wind blowing in fresh scents that started our days like a cup of our favorite coffee. It was a delicious way to start each our days.


In that week, we explored, we played at local playgrounds, visited family farms and were swept away by gondolas and chair lifts, taking us high into the mountains. We felt at peace in that little weekend retreat for it was all so easy.

2014-10-12-Mrshc_212jpg 2014-10-12-Mrshc_251

We effortlessly jumped on buses, boarded boats and hiked with glorious views surrounding us. The area kept us fully engaged for a full week of exploration and this time, the answer that kept tugging at us, was a definite YES!, YES!, we think we could just get used to waking up each morning with breathtaking views of the Lake, falling asleep by the warmth of a glowing fire and spending our days hiking ridges, and throwing ourselves and our children into the true joy that only nature can provide and that is the true essence of the weekend retreat – finding a place that captivates you so deeply you long to stay until you remember once again, that there is so much More2Explore!


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