Well Placed

Situated perfectly on a ledge, tucked in by overhanging rocks, is the quaint Burghaus Äscher in the area Appenzell, Switzerland.  This is a wonderful location for hiking with commanding views of the mountains.  Although the graceful location of Berghaus Äscher is intriguing, there are many Berghauses in the area, like Schäfler on the top of the mountain above Äscher.

Appenzell - 2007-09-21 118

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On a Mission – #8


History in the Making

(This is my travel journal that I kept during a medical mission to Paraguay; part one can be found here)

September 27, 2015. 09:45

Hotel Internacional, Room 1004

An unknown Paraguayan number vibrates on my phone; it was four fifteen in the morning. I think I managed to sleep a little after that but finally rolled out of bed but with a deep, soar and gravelly voice. I was able to call home. We had not spoken in what seemed like days, and traveling here seemed to screw up all forms of communication. Melinda didn’t have the chance to read my email which contained two images of this journal, recounting the day of screening.

As I re-described the stories like that of Wilma’s, I became choked up and had to pause to compose myself. The work here is powerful stuff in many ways. Today they announce the patients who will receive surgery in the coming days. Of the two hundred and seventy-eight, they will schedule one hundred and twenty, with five on standby.


Arriving at the hospital, we tour the wards to see the flow from preparation, to operating room, recovery, and post-op. The local student volunteers had decorated each area with cartoons, streamers and animals including the arrows from the front entrance to the waiting areas. In operating room #2 or #3, the decorations included an underwater theme with fish. Outside the preparatory hallway we spot the bees, some of them were dead on the floor. About five to eight of them swoop in and out of the neon light fixture at the end of the hall.


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Podcasts For Children

Swiss Websites

Podcasts are a great way to move children away from a TV screen and into a world of listening and imagination. If you are a family, like ours, that sends your child to a public school, it may be important for you to maintain your child’s English language skills. By having your child listen to English speaking podcasts, he or she will be able to learn a broad range of vocabulary, gain some important knowledge on an array of topics and help those long car rides, plane rides, or dinner prep become just that much sweeter!

Listed below are a few podcasts to help you get started.  Happy listening!

But Why – A Podcast For Curious Kids This podcast from Vermont Public Radio focuses on common questions children ask, poses the question and then turns the answers back to the children. The show will also bring in an expert that reviews the question and provides an educated response from an expert in the area. Topics include: Where Does Snow Come From, and Why is the Sea Salty and Do Bumblebees Have Hearts?

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids – This podcast can easily be enjoyed by the entire family and helps children discover the world of science. Parents and children alike will learn interesting facts about the world of bugs, planets, black holes, learning about Darwin, giant toads and much, much more.

Sparkle Stories – Sparkle Stories is a basic concept that reads your child a story on diverse topics. With over 900 stories on file and in the making, you are guaranteed to find content that the entire family will enjoy. The stories range in times and captivate its audience. Their website is a fabulous resource offering coloring pages, craft ideas, recipes and so much more.

Storynory – Stories for Kids – If your children love stories, this podcast is perfect. With classic fairytales, educational stories, poems, music and much more, this is podcast is great for long car rides, or during that difficult time of dinner prep.

TEDTalks Kids and Family – Ideal for older children, this podcast takes families through a journey of learning, discovering and education. Topics are varied and derived from TedTalks around the world.  If your child has an interest in a particular topic, search for a child – led talk that will motivate him or her to make a difference.


On a Mission – #7


Into the Falls

(This is my travel journal that I kept during a medical mission to Paraguay; part one can be found here)

September 27, 2015. 05:50

Tadeo’s Van, Row 3

It is Sunday; a free day. Dinner on Saturday night began after ten o’clock. Someone suggested a visit to the waterfalls of Iguaçu. Before I left for this trip to Paraguay, I spoke with a family friend who lived in Paraguay for a number of years, and she suggested that if I had the chance, I should go. I wrote this off when I looked up to see how far it was from Asunción; it is about a six hour drive and I had no idea how to get there.

There were some discussions about the purpose of us being in Paraguay, and the extraneous journey to Iguaçu. From my perspective, we were afforded a day off which could have been spent at a resort on the river; I wanted to see more of the country, to get a feel for life outside of a large city, and embrace an opportunity to see a part of the world I may not have the opportunity to visit again.

I joined a group of four others and we hired a van to drive us, the only problem was that we had to leave a few hours after diner at two in the morning. The five of us packed into a van with our driver, Tadeo, and headed out. I tried to sleep, and was jealous of the ones I could hear snoring.


Our driver stopped at the Chiperia Maria Ana. From the looks of things we were perhaps the first customers of the day. Later I found out this is perhaps one of the best places in Paraguay to eat Chipa, and Tadeo appeared to be one of the first customers.

A little less than half way, the morning light slowly illuminated the environment around us, farms and trees, roadside huts selling fruit, queso and asado. The bare earth has a red tint to it, something of a rouge mahogany of which I have never seen before; it looks so rich and full of nutrients.

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Photo of the Week

Tucked away in the Alps, above the familiar town of Grindelwld, Switzerland, is the wonderful Burghaus Bort.  Open nearly the entire year, they are hosts to hikers, tourists, and at this time of year skiers.  For more information check out a full write up on Burghaus Bort here. This photo was taken on a snowy December evening, a cozy place to stay for the night, or several nights!


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