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Quotes to Live By


On our way up to Anenhütte…bliss!

We are in the midst of winding down summer (super big tear on that one, as this was one of my favorite summers), hitting the school books and burning the midnight oil, hence all the quotes.  Stick with us, there is more substance to come, we promise.

“Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.”

– Tony Robbins

Tuesday Round – Up


I’ve changed this post because everything else posted today seems ridiculous in comparison, especially when it comes to children and parents being separated.


Missing this guy...more than words can say.

For heaven’s sake America, we can do better than our current state of affairs.  What ever happened to holding people, especially our most influential leaders, to a higher standard?  Have we lost sight of values, of honesty, or morality?  A leader who spends his days lying, is not the individual we need leading the country.  This administration represents a broken America on so many levels.

And before this ends, have a listen to this heartbreaking prologue on the podcast, This American Life, entitled “Change You Can Maybe Believe In.” As a parent, I am horrified.