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The Problem with Tech


In a recent article by the New York Times, it is clearer than ever that technology is creating a divide between the rich and poor.  We once imagined a world where the school districts with adequate funding would provide all the technological resources to help their students have access to and advantages when it came to technology.  Now it appears as though the tables have turned.  That divide goes on to explain that the “Silicone Valley elite” are pushing towards a move away from technology with an emphasis on “human interaction” and “wooden” toys.  What a drastic change from the once thought technology for everyone or technology should and will be implemented in all schools.  I for one am in support of this habit shift for a plethora of reasons. Some of those reasons include: the need for human interaction, the fact that on a psychological level our children may not be able to process what they are exposed to via the Internet, children need to spend time outdoors and not in front of a screen and finally, our physical health mandates that we move away from sedentary lifestyles and become more physically active.

I commend those parents who are questioning the “norm” and even daring to prolong or remove the use of technology in the lives of their children.  I believe in an age of increasing technology we need to continue the dialogue around the safety and the benefits surrounding devices, especially in the lives of our children.

On a side note, I am grateful for the often referred to “antiquated” schools my children attend.  With blackboards and minimal technology, I believe the innocence of our children is being preserved and their perspective of the world is through a very different lens, a lens I feel benefits them far more as individuals.