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Ode to Summer

Summer is the time to fully fall into unplanned, unscheduled days.


It is the time to bask in the glow of a rich and full sun.

It is the time to watch the rain kiss the many hues of green from a writing desk.

It is the time to hike high up in the mountains, discovering new places and drifting off to sleep under a true blanket of stars.


It is the time to wear as little clothing as possible.

It is certainly the time to say “yes” to ice cream as often as humanly possible.

It is the time to scratch mosquito bites and fall to sleep with a fan blowing.

It is the time to eat fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance.

It is the time to abandon responsibility.


It is most definitely the time to read books that have fallen to the back of the shelf.

It is the time to  let the house get dirty.

It is the perfect opportunity to leave the backpacks packed and create everlasting memories!

Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – My Book of Discoveries


We are thrilled to announce that our second book, Fresh Air Kids Switzerland – My Book of Discoveries is now available.

This book was designed exclusively for children to take with them on all of their outdoor adventures. With scavenger hunts, coloring pages, a summer bucket list and lots of pages to track all of their hiking journeys, children of all ages will enjoy hitting the trails with their new hiking companion.

Cool book features include:

Written in 3 languages (English, German & French) to enhance learning.

Small and light making it easy for little people to carry in their backpacks.

Playful graphics make the book not only fun, but easy to use.

The perfect way for children to document all of their outdoor experiences.

Ideal for long train trips.

A great way to encourage learning in nature.

Note to Parents:

If you are a parent that is looking to add an educational component to your summer holidays, this handy- dandy book might just be your ticket. As an educator myself, my children will both be sporting this book on our travels and at home. With three languages and creative educational components, my hope is that my kiddos learn while having fun outside!


Our book is now available in all major bookstores and of course, through our incredible publisher’s website.

Have fun!


Happy Father’s Day!

To all those adventuring, risk-taking, full of love fathers out there – we love you!


To the man of our house, thanks for all that you do, but mostly for loving this crew unconditionally.

Thank you for the trails you hike, the laundry you fold, the hearts you warm, the house you support, the books you help write, the hands you hold, the meals you cook, the work you do and the foundation you provide. You make our days sweet! You are deeply loved!

Happy Father’s Day Robert!