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Once in awhile it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” – Alan Keightley

Welcome to our travel site:  More 2 Explore.

We hope this site inspires individuals to live the lives they were meant to live; to get out into this vast, beautiful world and explore more. To realize there is more to this life than the traditional 9 to 5.  We also plan to share our travel, cultural and educational experiences with our followers.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Trio


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Located in the quaint town of Solvorn, the above image was taken on a lazy morning strolling through town, throwing stones in the Sognefjord and eating handfuls upon handfuls of the most delicious, locally grown raspberries.

Oh Norway, the Northern beauty that captivates with its pure landscapes, fresh air and friendly people.

This has been posted as part of the Daily Posts’ Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio.

Snowshoeing in Les Paccots


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With snow in the forecast, it is time to think about making the most of winter. For those of us who are not inclined to strap on our skis (yes, I know, and we live in Switzerland), snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy a cold winter’s day.


Last year, I discovered the well-marked (bright pink blazes, which are very easy to see in the snow), awesome snowshoe trails in Les Paccots. Les Paccots is a sweet little area in the French speaking part of Switzerland and located in the canton of Fribourg. There are 12 trails, all-varying in length and difficulty, including a trail for children the Aux Paccots.

We stayed in the warm and cozy Hotel Les Rosalys, which was conveniently, located right on a snowshoe trail. Strap on the shoes and off you go!


Snowshoe Tips:

Invest in good snowshoes or rent them if this is your first trip.

Bring poles, this helps navigate deep snow and assure your footing

Dress warm, including gloves, hat and scarves

Bring plenty of water, you will work – up a sweat and long for a drink

If you are taking children along, remember this is an exhausting workout, so do plan an overly ambitious route

Snowshoe Information can be found here.


Hotel Information can be found here:

Les Paccots – Hotel Les Rosalys

Route des Rosalys 20

1619 Les Paccots

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate


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Old historic buildings usually are ornate, and cathedrals are no exception.  Throughout Europe, many can be found and selected for this weeks photo challenge: Ornate.  One which perhaps stand out in our minds which is particularly detailed throughout the facade, floor, walls and ceiling, is the Duomo di Siena in Siena, Italy.

One Day in Weggis


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Sometimes a couple just needs to escape. Break the routine for the unknown, the constant interruptions for long, quiet conversations, and the hustle of the city, for the remote quietness of the country.


Thanks to my Mother and a dear friend, we were able to indulge in just that. A little over 24 hours of couple bliss, as we retreated to the soft, green hills above Weggis. With an incredible room, loads of amazing hiking options and delicious meals, we were able to feel rejuvenated upon our return. “You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all.” Dan Zadra



What a complete and total gem we found at the Hotel Friedheim. Friedheim is ideally located, backing up to gorgeous green pastures, which offer lovely hiking trails through rolling hills. Situated above the hustle and bustle of Weggis, this hotel is ideal for those that who do not mind walking about 20 minutes from the boat station.

Hotel Friedheim – Friedheimweg 31 – 6353 Weggis – 041 390 11 81


We were not able to secure a reservation at the hotel for dinner (apparently it is wildly popular), so we headed into town. Positioned on a busy corner sat The Grape, a restaurant serving – up California style cuisine. Robert and I are both from California; so naturally, we looked at each other and said, “why not?”

The restaurant was warm inside and the service was fantastic and friendly. Robert ordered the special for the day and thoroughly enjoyed each course rich with goat cheese, walnuts, lettuce and other delicious treats. I too, enjoyed my meal, but more importantly, relished in the kindness of the service.

The Grape  Seestrasse 60 – 6353 Weggis  – 041 392 07 07


Day one, we dropped off our bag at the hotel and were grateful that the hotel allowed us to enter our room before 14:00 and made our way from Weggis (499m) to Rigi Kaltbad (1,423m). The hike was scenic, straight – up hill and provided a great workout. We were able to reach the summit of Rigi Kaltbad in a little over two hours, and then enjoyed a coffee at Hotel Rigi Kaltbad.

Day Two Hike: Weggis to Hertenstein back to Weggis

The fresh green grass, the rolling hills and the scenic views made the day of our departure perfect. We walked past our dream house (sigh) right on through the woods, which eventually led us to the sweet, yet small town of Hertenstein.

We peacefully enjoyed a frothy cappuccino at the Café Vienna. Silently watching the boats on Lake Luzern, we slowly took in each and every moment of our last few hours away.

Melchsee Frutt Lodge & Spa


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2015-06-27-Frutt_291jpgSo, here you have it folks, traveling alone as a couple once you have children proves to be very, very difficult. So challenging in fact, it took us six years to sneak in a single night away.

What do you do when that long awaited weekend finally arrives? Where do you go? We dreamed of a place that was located in the mountains, with a spa (in the event the weather was not ideal), a room with a view, a tasty meal, and a location that offered hiking options.


We found exactly what we were looking for at the Frutt Lodge & Spa. The new lodge offers modern, stylish rooms, a picturesque setting that overlooks Melchsee, an onsite spa, restaurants and amazing breakfasts!  Needless to say,  we were happy with our selection.

The first day we elected to take a short walk around the lake, then slipped on our robes and made our way to spa. We spent hours relaxing in the pool, slipping in and of all the rooms and finally sleeping like babies in the quiet room. We then retreated to our rooms and readied ourselves for a nice meal together; rich with uninterrupted conversation and a nice glass of wine.

The next morning we woke to blue skies and made our way by foot to Engelberg. The hike to Engelberg is a beautiful four – lake, one ridge walk. That single night away was ideal for us as a couple longing to remember what it was like to spend time alone; just the two of us.


Thank you to our dear friends for making that night possible. We will forever be grateful!


Frutt Lodge & Spa: http://www.fruttlodge.ch/en/


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