5 Reasons Nature Heals

2010-11-06_fall_66As time passes the clearer it becomes, when I am in a “mood,” anxious about something, need to clear my head, need space to breathe, long for peace or simply need to feel connected to something much deeper, and bigger than myself, I step outside . A walk in nature, a hike through the woods, a trail run or some family time in the Alps is absolutely healing and not only for myself, but for the tiny people in my life too!

Take a break and get outside!

  1.  Each time you step into nature your world magically transforms.


2.  In nature, we naturally slow down. Thank you!


3.  Nature heightens our awareness of everything. Our ability to hear, to see, to taste, to smell and touch are much deeper.


4.   Nature is a natural mood booster. How could it not be?


5.  When immersed in nature, our problems, no matter how big, seem approachable.


“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” Gary Sndyer

Weekend Retreat – Berg Hotel Wildstrubel


What does a couple do with 36 child – free hours? I’ll tell you exactly what we did – we hiked far, fast and uninterrupted. We hiked into the depths of the unknown simply because we could. We thrust ourselves into the quiet expanse of valleys and we returned to who we were as individuals and what we meant to each other as a couple. We hiked for seven hours straight, sometimes chatting madly, while other times retreating to silence, allowing the landscape to do the talking.


We sipped wine over a home – cooked, Berghaus meal; getting up frequently to rush outside to observe the sun slip away after making a stellar performance that day. We longed to grasp that warm ball of incredible glow within our hands and thank that remarkable sphere for blessing us with its golden rays of sunlight, making our hike that much more enjoyable, but she continued to fade over the mountain etched horizon.


We retreated to our cozy room that night, falling into bed exhausted from a day of trekking, exploring and wandering. This weariness that washed over us was unlike the fatigue we experienced at home. This was a fresh, almost forgotten reminder of hard, physical exertion that comes in the adult form.


The next morning we woke early, neglecting the opportunity to sleep in without the pitter patter of tiny feet shuffling down the hall. We woke to take – in that same stunning light peak back over the horizon with remarkable punctuality. Touching each peak one at a time, the colors danced before us, as we embraced each other in a moment of silence.


We slowly lingered over breakfast, packed our backpacks and made the journey back down the mountain and back into our normal lives. Tiny arms greeted us upon our return, smiles filled our family room and memories were etched in our minds, as a couple who was able to steal 36 – hours away from the chaos of our normal routine. 36 – hours to be reminded what it means to fall back into one another as a couple and yet, feel overly anxious to return to the children and life that make our existence as parents, individuals and as a couple, ever so meaningful!


Beautiful Basel

With just under 200,000 residents, and rarely mentioned in travel books,  Basel is the perfect size city for our family.  Rich with culture, open – air markets, quaint streets and tiny neighborhoods, Basel is indeed a great place to reside and visit.

To learn more about Basel, please visit our recently published article, MLTJ Basel, Switzerland.

2009-10-10-Basel_SignThis post is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Local


Sometimes spontaneous ideas are the best ideas!


Sometimes you need the warmth of the sun on your face and the wind at your back.


Sometimes you need views that spread right before you, blue, green, turquoise – are all just perfectly captivating.


Sometimes you long to feel the cold water trickle down your back and retreat “home” to watch that pink sun set over a dry, barren landscape.


Sometimes you want nothing more than to watch your children laugh all endlessly under a warm, Mallorcan sun and collapse into bed at night exhausted from their adventures.


Sometimes you long to drive crazy, new passes, holding your breath as you just slide past bicyclists and buses only to be greeted by a stunning, hidden beach just waiting for you on the other side.


Sometimes your smile is contagious as you share the warm glow of a Thanksgiving meal surrounded by friends new and old.


Sometimes seeing new towns with an ice cream in hand is the perfect way to spend a day.


Sometimes while driving, it is the magic of watching double rainbows paint the sky that fill you with the true essence of what this life is truly about!


And sometimes you are so overcome with joy that you find it hard to put into words.


Why Women Need the Outdoors


Outside my body breathes the air it craves on the city streets; it releases a sigh of relief and begs me to keep pushing. Moving through tired legs, exhausted lungs and sun beat shoulders, for there is more, just over there. Perhaps it is a unique view, a flower growing out of a stony crevice, a bird soaring through a cloudless sky, but whatever it may be reminds me of the possibilities that lie ahead, of the dreams I long to achieve, of the faces I have yet to embrace, of the people I still have yet to meet and the children I cautiously watch grow.


In the great outdoors I am nothing but myself. I roll freely through wild landscapes forgetting the need to perform, to be pretty or to impress. The only person out here who gives a damn is me and what I care about is ever so different than the thoughts that consume me in the city. Here, I am free, I am strong and I am surrounded by a world that passes no judgment, is open and ever changing. It is a place that promises to remind me of how small I pail in comparison. I need that humility, as we all do and the understanding that this world will continue to turn, to grow, to expand whether I venture out into her arms or retreat elsewhere.


Out here, I desire nothing more than the seasons to kiss my face and the rain to dance overhead.  I long to watch the sun fade into a distant tomorrow and wake up weary eyed just to see it peak over the first horizon, painting the heavens in remarkable hues.


Here, deep within the beautiful confines of nature, the media, the pressure, the images fade away – dirt is the new sexy, my body must no longer dress to impress, my clothes are means of comfort, aiding in my ability to climb higher, run further, and dive deeper.


Nature allows me to just be, to see time and place as ever evolving and yet so perfectly still. When I am outside I focus on what matters in this life, I feel overwhelmed by the promise of the future and the trivial concerns that plague my day-to-day existence melt away under a crisp, color-drenched world. All that is required of me here, is a deep, deep respect and appreciation. I can handle that.