Spring and summer are the perfect times of year to take day trips. Switzerland is a country that offers an array of opportunities and the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to travel far in order to bask in incredible views, soak in crystal clear lakes and hike breathtaking mountains.

One hour from Basel is the touristy, yet picturesque city of Lucerne. With great weather and our two little travelers, we made our way via train to Lucerne (about one hour from Basel), where we then hopped on a boat and made our way across the depths of lake Lucerne. Though Switzerland is land locked, her lakes certainly make – up for the lack of ocean. After about an hour on the lake, we jumped off the boat at Vitznau and boarded the cogwheel train (the public transportation in this country in seamless), which took us up the mountain to Rigi Kulm.

Once on top of the mountain, we enjoyed a picnic lunch with incredible views. We then strapped the babes on our backs, and started our decent down the mountain. Our little ones are getting older now, so that means they are weighing a bit more as well. After hiking about one hour, we decided to hop back onto the cogwheel and take the train back to the boat. Having known in advance, our B.O.B. stroller would have made the journey down the mountain just fine and we will be sure to take it along next time.

Nonetheless, despite a slight haze on the horizon, the day was full of transportation wonders, fresh air and magnificent views. Aw, Switzerland, you continue to amaze us with your natural wonders!

Time of Year: May
Duration: Day Trip
Where We Stayed: Not Applicable
Eats and Treats: Just right for a picnic
Child Friendly? Yes
Likes: Great Views!
Dislikes: The day we went was a bit overcast.
Would We Return? Yes, with the B.O.B. Stroller (may be tight on the Cogwheel train)


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