Truth be told, I didn’t want to go. We had just come off of a busy couple of weeks: a sick child, dear friends visiting, lack of rest and an overall tired family. To make matters worse, the weather prognosis for the weekend was supposed to be dismal at best and I must admit, there is nothing worse than venturing into the Alps and not being able to see those majestic peaks due to heavy cloud cover. You know the mountains are there, but the teaser is, they simply aren’t visible.

Despite all of the mentioned reasons above not to go, we did indeed make our way to Grindelwald. The weather upon arrival was surprisingly beautiful. Our son and daughter played under the glimmering shadows of the Alps, we hiked, and we soaked up the 180-degree views we thought for sure would not be visible. The wild flowers delicately blanketed the landscape and all of our tiredness dissipated in those mountains.

The next morning, as we tossed back the shutters that provided a solid nights rest, we were greeted by yet another incredible gift – clear skies and stunning views. The glorious thing about the hotel in which we stay (Berghaus Bort) is that you don’t have to travel far in order to bask in the glow of the Alps, they are all right there in front of you, from your room. As you rise in the morning and peacefully drift off to sleep each evening, the mountains are watching over you and waiting to offer you breathtaking views as you rise to greet the new day, weather permitting.

After a hearty breakfast, we packed our backpack, tucked our daughter into the Ergo carrier, our son into the B.O.B. stroller (this was our first journey into the Alps with the stroller and we must say, it handled incredibly well) and made our way via gondola up to First to hike to Bachalpsee. The entire hike was incredible, with a soft wind blowing, happy children and two very happy parents. When we reached the lake we stayed there for hours, taking pictures, walking around, and soaking in the sheer splendor in front of us.

We both appreciate and love the ocean, as it is magical in its’ own right, but the mountains, well, true enchantment lies in those peaks and valleys. Each new breeze, each passing cloud, falling snow, or bird in flight changes the way they present themselves. They are vast, they are grand and they make you feel oh, so very alive and so humble. They never grow old; they only make you long for more.

Overall, the weekend was lovely. I learned a valuable lesson this weekend, when presented with the opportunity to travel, say, “yes,” as you never know what awaits you. This world is vast, beauty is all around and we learn more from showing up than staying home. Get out and explore!

Time of Year: June
Duration: Long Weekend
Where We Stayed: Berghuas Bort (
Eats and Treats: Picnic on lake Bachalpsee and Delicious food at the Berghaus
Child Friendly? Yes, and possible with a stroller
Likes: Everything
Dislikes: We never stay long enough
Would We Return? We always do

Grindelwald Slideshow


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