Whether you are a kid, a kid at heart, or longing to be a kid again, the Verkehrshaus in Luzern is sure to provide little people and the child within, an experience that offers great excitement.  The museum hosts: trains, planes, cars, trucks, boats, space, tunnels, bicycles, go-carts, and more.  Although this is not the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the things available at the museum (and not in Washington, DC) are plenty including: climb up, over, through and under many of the museum’s vehicles, as well as play with train gear models, watch a live ship engine from above, play with construction conveyors and toy back-hoes, participate in an interactive life-sized car vending machine quiz with antique cars, cruise around on scooters, pilot a toy boat, ride a Segway, or ride a miniature steam train.  Additionally, there was an exhibit on the Gotthard tunnel project, as well as a theater show on space.

The museum offers so much that as a parent, you’ll find yourself trying to pry your child away from one area in an attempt to view other displays at the museum.  After over four hours, we nearly missed our train connection back home.  Needless to say our son slept really well that evening. The museum is also the perfect rainy day activity, as umbrellas are provided at the entrances of each building.  Overall, it is well worth the 30 CHF admission fee, as the opportunities for entertainment and learning are abundant.

Time of Year: July
Duration:  Day Trip
Where We Stayed:  Day Trip
Eats and Treats:  N/A – packed a lunch
Child Friendly?  Definitely!
Likes:  Everything
Dislikes:  Not really any.
Would we return?  Yes!

Verkehrshaus Slideshow


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