On a recent trip to Mürren, Switzerland  (population 450) we were once again reminded why this small, yet diverse country is so easy to love.  New to the car – free village, we immediately felt a warm welcome from the panoramic views, friendly people and incredible hiking opportunities.

We stayed in the area for two nights and three days, which was the perfect little get-a-way for our family.  We chose to stay at the Hotel Bellevue, a three star accommodation, which offered ample size rooms, great food on site and quick access to fantastic trails.

The village of Mürren is small, but certainly has a lively charm.  For the littlest visitors, there is an incredible outdoor playground that was a huge hit with both of our children.  To access the playground, simply take the funicular up from Mürren to Allmendhubel where a beautiful alpine play area sits and a restaurant with a gorgeous terrace.  The children were happy and we enjoyed our coffee with stunning views.

Visitors can also enjoy the well – marked, theme trails in the area.  Hiking options include: the Flower Trail, which is best between the months of June and September, the North Face Trail, which was a personal all time favorite of mine with breathtaking views of the North-faces of the Bernese most impressive peaks.  For children, the Children’s Adventure Trail starts off at the playground at Allmendhubel, and weaves through picturesque meadows and trails all the while incorporating playgrounds, which allows the children in your group the opportunity to play, whiz by on zip lines, climb towers and have a grand time in nature.

The Children’s Adventure Trail is roughly one hour from Allmendhuble (follow the dark orange signs) and please note, this trail is NOT stroller friendly.  Our three year old greatly enjoyed the trail, however, the zip line and the surrounding area is probably best suited for older children.

Overall, Mürren is a wonderful little alpine village for hiking, playing and simply taking in the incredible views.

On a side note, we can highly recommend a visit to the small and sleepy town of Gimmelwald.  With just 130 residents, the town is quaint, and extremely picturesque.  Upon arrival in Gimmelwald (a 35 minute hike from Mürren) you might just stop and ask yourself if the town is real, but let us assure you, it certainly is.  With a few small, but charming hotels/hostels, a wonderful patio to enjoy some delicious food served up by Pension Gimmelwald – the town is so engaging that you might just want to stay awhile, basking in the views of this storybook village.

Time of Year:  July
Duration:  Long Weekend
Where We Stayed:  Hotel Bellevue
Eats and Treats:  Alpine Cheese and Rösti
Child Friendly? Yes!  Do not attempt to take a stroller on the Children’s Adventure Trail! Parts of the trail are steep, rocky and have uneven terrain, a stroller would not handle well at all.
Likes:  Views, hikes, hotel, wild flowers, the area in general
Dislikes: Too short of a trip and not enough time to sneak in all the hikes we wanted
Would we return?  Most definitely!


7 thoughts on “Mürren – More Cows than People

  1. Hello! I know its been a while since this post and you state that the Children’s Adventure Trail is not stroller friendly, but would this also apply to a jogging stroller with inflatable tires (one in front, two in back configuration)? We’re headed back to the area again this summer with two little ones in tow (one and four years old) and are looking for as many hikes as possible that we can use a stroller most or part of the way. We don’t mind if its a bit bumpy/uneven but obviously wouldn’t use it if there are many stairs or rocky areas to climb. Steep is ok with us too. Do you know if it is much steeper that the route from First to Bachalpsee, Wengen to KS, or Stechelberg to Trachsellaunen?

    1. Hello Julie, Thank you for reaching out to us. We have a B.O.B. stroller, and when we did this trail we didn’t feel it would have been easy to complete this hike. Yes, there is a lot of the trail which is, but mainly in the second half of the trail there are short and steep stepped climbs and some tight wooded areas which would make it difficult with a stroller. It is not impossible, just quite difficult. We opted for taking an Ergo child backpack, and felt this was a better option. The hike from First to Bachalpsee is perhaps easier, but this one seems to climb and drop more frequently, but not as steep as any of the sections towards Bachalpsee.

      1. Thank you so much for the additional insight into the terrain of the Children’s Adventure Trail. Now at least I have an idea why this particular trail has been labeled as “Not suitable for prams” on several websites including yours and Schilthorn.ch. We also have a B.O.B. and plan to travel with a baby hiking pack as well. It would be nice to have the stroller for possible napping on the run for either child. I will have to play it by ear and see what I think once the day arrives for that particular hike. Thank you again!

      1. While I’m at it … do you by chance have any experience/advice concerning the Lieselotte or Apple Fritter Trails near Männlichen and why they are not considered suitable for prams/strollers? It’s a shame that so many “family friendly” hikes aren’t suitable for strollers. Our kids are still quite young and they prefer the stroller over the carrier, especially if they want to doze off for a bit. But I do understand that some people have great luck with baby carriers. Thanks again for your help!

      2. Hello Julie, We have not been to these trails before, so I can’t answer that. There is one in Zermatt that we did to Stellisee(1) although not the Marmot Trail, and the hike around Trübsee in Engelberg(2) which were both really nice. Additionally, I’m not sure if you know about “Mom & Tot’s” in Zürich(3), but she has a lot of write ups on hiking with kids and hikes with strollers.
        1) https://m2explore.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/zermatt-too-incredible-to-skip/
        2) https://m2explore.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/engelberg-the-knorrli-adventure-trail/
        3) http://www.momstotszurich.com/search/label/Stroller-friendly

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