“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We typically do not pass up an opportunity to hike and because we currently reside in a landlocked country, the idea of hiking along the coast was rather appealing.  We were grateful for reading up a bit on the hike prior to embarking on our journey, as great advice came from a blogger who highly recommend we do the hike backwards.  We heeded the advice, parked our car in Bray, hopped on the train – got off in the cute town of Greystones and proceeded to make our way back to Bray. The trail is well marked and we followed other people who were making their way along the same route.

The advice to start the hike in Greystones as opposed to Bray was suggested because there is quite a bit of construction at the start of the hike in Greystones.  We knew what to expect and preferred to start the hike in anticlimactic conditions as opposed to finishing in them.

The walk was scenic despite the erratic rainfall, which made us look like we were smuggling our children from one Irish town to the next.  Our children rested peacefully on our backs, and sought refuge in our rain jackets as we the unprotected, walked on, not allowing the weather to ruin the experience. After all, this was Ireland and we were certain to embrace all she had to offer. The infusion of salt air and rain was invigorating, plus the views of the jagged coastline were quite welcome.  Overall, the experience was delightfully pleasant.

Time of Year:  August
Duration:  The hike took roughly 2+ hours (note we had children strapped to our backs, which adds a bit to the clock)
Where We Stayed:  Day Trip – no sleeping (except for the kids)
Eats and Treats:  A coffee to go at the beginning of the trail
Child Friendly?  Yes, the path is relatively wide, well marked, though if our little guy was walking we would have kept him very close by
Likes:  The views and salt air
Dislikes:  The construction in Greystones, though it is nice to see them working on the area.
Would We Return?  Indeed we would

Ireland – 2 of 4 – Slideshow


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