Looking for a nice lake town to visit with access to good hiking/biking and great food…  Visit the town of Ascona, Switzerland in the Italian Kanton of Ticino.  The popular old town (pictured below) sits on Lake Maggiore which straddles the Swiss-Italian border.  Side trip ideas, visit Lavertezzo (30 min car / 65 min via public) which has crystal waters flowing over marble rocks (down the river is the Verzasca Dam aslo used for bungee jumping), or stroll through the quaint hidden town of Intragna with a hike up the valley, or a boat ride with a stop on Isole di Brissago to visit the botanical gardens.

The “photo of the week” on More 2 Explore is taken from our collection of travel photos throughout the past 5 years and is typically from the same month for which it is posted. Be sure to click “follow” to see more photos each week! (usually posts on Friday…)

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