What can we say; we are suckers for good weather, open water and beautiful views.  We needed to rest, we needed to find ourselves gently rising to the morning sun, but instead when the splendid sun danced across our faces, we found over selves frantically packing our day pack, rumbling the children from their cozy cribs and heading out the door to Lucerne.

See, we had tickets burning in our pockets for quite sometime as our bank offered a promotion that enabled us to board almost any boat in this wonderful country for a mere 5 francs, so today was the day we decided to cash in those little gems.

We have been on the boat in Lucerne a couple of times, but this weekend we were in for a lovely surprise.  The boat we just so happened to board was a steamboat that bore her internal makings for all the passengers to see.  Our three-year-old son was awe struck by the moving components and my thirty-something-year-old husband was taken by the sheer complexity and beauty of the finishing work on the machine.  We all watched enthralled as part moved, water churned and gently glided across that pristine body of water.

Once the boat landed at our final destination of Weggis, we decided to take it easy.  We let the children determine the day, which meant lots of lingering at a petite playground, picnicking by the lake and moving giant chess pieces from destination to the next with no strategy in mind, no games to be played and no one to win or lose.  After much of nothing we nonchalantly re-boarded the boat, took in the scenic views and felt grateful for rolling out of that dreamy bed of ours to witness a perfect day unfold, slowly and quietly right in front of us.  Some days are best left unplanned.


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