The leaves were showing a slight tinge of fall with near vibrant yellows, oranges, burnt reds and greens when we decided to take a day trip to Engelberg, Switzerland.

Day trips are perfect really.   The charm and excitement of a new destination, plus the bonus of resting peacefully in your own bed that very night make for the ultimate tiny trip extravaganza.   And the ultimate bonus is when you have two little ones; the peace and comfort of home are worth, oh, so very much to this family.

The weather was impeccable and fall being at her height (and our favorite time of the year) we decided to partake in the ideal escape.  The train from Basel to Engelberg is roughly 2.5 hours, plus the gondola (which seemed to take forever due to droves of tourists, which was one negative aspect of this trip) ride up to Trübsee.

Once off the gondola, a nice little alpine playground welcomes the smallest of travelers.  Five more minutes and you have arrived at a blue, tranquil ocean (or at least in the eyes of our three year old).  After much time collecting mud on shoes, in hair, on clothes and all over really, we made our way around the lake to partake in the Knorrli Advenutre Trail.

The theme trail is designed, through interactive play, to teach children up to the age of 12 all about the benefits of proper nutrition.  I must admit that due to the fact that our German is lousy at best, a great deal was lost on us, but we did enjoy the gorgeous views, pristine lake and fresh alpine air.  The children were happy to stop every so often to play, toss a rouge stone or two into the lake and picnic on our superbly healthy (wink, wink) lunch.

After taking our time, leisurely rounding the lake, the sun began to slowly and gracefully fall down behind the mountains, and we headed back home.  The journey, though long, was still a true success.

An active day in a new location, a little bit of education tossed in for fun, grasping a bit more of the alpine mountains in our hands for oh, just a little while and back home once more to sleep peacefully in those beds we have come to adore.

Time of Year:  October
Duration:  Day Trip
Where We Stayed:  Ah…in our own beds
Eats and Treats:  Picnic by the lake
Child Friendly?  Yes, however, the theme trail states that it is stroller friendly, we wouldn’t recommend individuals attempting this route without an all terrain buggy or a jogging stroller.  We have the BOB jogging stroller and we LOVE it!
Likes:  The changing of the seasons, the fact that all alpine areas are so diverse in their look and feel
Dislikes:  Oh, all the tourists waiting to get up to Mt. Titlis via gondola
Would We Return?  Yes, but might want to explore this area for a few days…we know, we would miss the comforts of our own beds, but they will be there when we return!

Slideshow  Engelberg


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