Standing at the precipice of a new year, we can do nothing other than reflect on the year past.  We have always been humbled by the experience of living abroad and this year was no exception.

We are fortunate enough that the size of Europe and the location of Switzerland enable us to quickly get to new countries/locations in a short period of time whether by flying or taking the train.  This year we seemed to slow down our pace a bit, but still enjoyed some remarkable travel experiences and some exciting events.

Listed below you will find our travel details for the year and our list of the best of 2012.  Some topics were harder to select than others, but overall, the year of travel truly encompassed everything from: family visits, to trips with dear friends, to witnessing exciting sporting events, to checking off items on our Life Lists.

The images below try to capture our year in pictures, but there are aspects of photography that never seem do a location justice.  A camera cannot trap the smells, nostalgia, joy and sorrow that one feels in a destination.  The scale of mountains is almost always lost through images, and the ability to feel so small in the presence of nature is still a gift we hold tight.  What we observe with our eyes and feel in our hearts can never be replaced by the images acquired by machines.

Best Beach:  Dog’s Bay Ireland


Best Small Town Feeling:  Gimmelwald


Best Drive:  Slea Head Drive Ireland


Best Rainbow:  Mürren over the Alps


Best Scenic Hike:  North Face Trail Mürren


Most Rewarding Hike:  Obersteinberg


Best Day Trip: Engelberg
Best Theme Trail:  Knorrli Adventure Trail


Best Museum:  Transportation Museum in Luzern


Best Photo: Ross Errilly Friary

Ross Errilly Friary

Best App:  SBB (mobile App)


Best Scenery:  Ireland – dramatic landscapes, beautiful seas, lovely country-side


Best Views: Obersteinberg


Best Meal:  Our first meal in a true Irish Pub
Best Beer:  Guinness in an Irish Pub (Robert’s vote is Smithwicks)


Best Outdoor Market:  Basel Herbstmesse


Best Sporting Event:  Tour de Suisse…despite all the doping scandals in cycling


Best Return Visit:  Berghaus Bort Grindelwald


Best Bike Ride:  Holland


Best Cow Photo: Hike near Mürren


Best Winter Location: Kandersteg


Best Wine: 1884 Limited Production Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina


Countries Visited: Four
Number of Total Trips: Nine
Number of Posts: Sixty-Four


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