I heard the word used the other day to describe Switzerland and I smiled.   It is not to say that we have become immune to the wonders of this tiny country, but we certainly have come to know what to expect when we venture into the Alps.


Epic was the word used, and it is the perfect adjective to express the beauty of the Swiss Alps.  Each alpine village holds its own charm and character and each location invites one to: explore, hike, ski, sled, run, breathe and shake your head at the beauty that sits right in front of you.


Kandersteg is no exception to the epic wonder that is Switzerland.  Gorgeous mountains that hold a sleepy little village in the palm of her hand, this town is perfect for quenching that mountain thirst we often desire after spending too many days in the city.  Just two hours from Basel with a simple change of trains in Bern sits this picturesque village.


A single lift sweeps you up to the top of the mountain where commanding views and well-marked trails lead you to lake Oeschinsee.


Once at the snow-covered lake, you will find pines trees that tower overhead and mountains that have a way of making you feel incredibly small.


After being immersed in this snowy wonderland, one easily feels rejuvenated and renewed.  For when you are in the mountains all seems to be right in the world.  Maybe it is like the soul surfer who does anything to catch the perfect wave; we can equate the feeling of total happiness when our tiny family of four is walking through mountains that make us realize this world is a pretty remarkable place.


Time of Year:  December
Duration:  Overnight Visit
Where We Stayed:  Hotel Alpina – A perfectly adequate, no frills, a 1960’s themed inn, which was spotlessly, clean.  We wouldn’t return due to the less than friendly reception we received from the woman behind the desk upon our arrival.
Eats and Treats:  Great, great food at Berghaus Oeschinsee with some very friendly service.
Child Friendly?  Hotel provided a family sized room, baby cot and sleds.
Would We Return?  To Kandersteg yes, but we would consider staying elsewhere.



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