Inspired by Adventure Journal’s Weekend Cabin, we have decided to start our own version of what is a very cool idea.  We in the course of our five years of living abroad have been fortunate enough to visit some pretty mouth-watering locations, which is why we thought we would share some of them here…with you.

2008-06-13 - Obersteinberg 034

The Weekend Retreat is usually a location that evokes a sense of wonder, warmth, joy, and nostalgia, all the while appreciating simple living and leaving a genuine stamp on the people we aspire to be.

2008-06-13 - Obersteinberg 040 2012-09-14-Muren_208

Our first round of the Weekend Retreat is located in Switzerland.  Obersteinberg is a location we have visited three times since residing in Europe because it is so friggin’ impressive.  There are few places in this world that once upon arrival the only word left to utter with the little breath you might have left, was, “WOW!”  There is something so incredible about the remoteness and simplicity of this spot that it will forever leave a special footprint on our traveling souls.  People can search for “WOW or holy shit” moments all over the globe and we are certain many such locations exist, but for us, we have found such a place in Obersteinberg.

2012-09-14-Muren_220     2012-09-14-Muren_213

Obersteinberg sits high above the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Accessible by mule, helicopter or foot, this mountain retreat is nestled among some pretty impressive alpine peaks.  This no frills mountain hotel boasts 15 double rooms and dormitory style accommodations.  There is no electricity or warm water, just old-fashioned water jugs and bowls that are provided for guests upon arrival. Deep and luscious down comforters adorn each single bed (and can easily envelop a full-grown adult) in a room that is meticulously clean with views that are a total mind trip.  (no other word could be found to describe such a place).

2012-09-14-Muren_260    Obersteinberg - 2007-08-11 050

The hotel is also a working dairy farm, with deliciously fresh milk, cheese and butter, which is always available to visitors.  Part of the charm of this location, in addition to the mega – mountains and sick views, is how simply perfect it all is.

Obersteinberg - 2007-08-11 146      Obersteinberg - 2007-08-11 128

There are no phones in the rooms, no electricity (you dine by the glow of candlelight), and only communal bathrooms, but the accommodations are sheer bliss.  Sheer, uninterrupted bliss.  And why I am on the topic, why is it that we go to such extremes today to have all the comforts of technology when the moment we are without such gadgets we sigh a sense of relief, are able to take in all the wonder this world has to offer and feel truly at peace with ourselves?  No need to check in on what is transpiring in the world, for the world is right in front of you and the only place you long to be at that very moment.

Obersteinberg - 2007-08-11 133

So the next time you are seeking refuge in an epic location with extraordinary views, lush beds, all the while downing some pretty mouth-watering mountain grub, hike yourself up to Obersteinberg…guaranteed, you won’t be sorry!

Obersteinberg - 2007-08-11 237


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