Appenzell - 2007-09-21 156

The sun rose right on time outstretching its rays with a blissful warmth that touched upon the peaks of each mountain.  And there we stood with a dozen other onlookers witnessing this daily miracle.  Still groggy from the day before of what seemed to be endless hiking, this experience was one not to be missed.  Though the most beautiful aspect of it all was not necessarily the rising of that splendid sun, but rather the workers at the inn.  Religiously standing outside watching the very sunrise that they have probably seen a million times, embracing the splendor of it all as if it was the very first time.

Appenzell - 2007-09-21 096-097   Appenzell - 2007-09-21 005

The sunrise and more importantly those people stopped us in our tracks, it slowed us down and it made us smile in disbelief. The incredible aspect of the Alps is that nothing is taken for granted.  Huts that dot the landscape are meticulously placed in locations, that well, one never knew was quite possible, for the very feat of building a berghaus in such an extreme location is rather mind-boggling.

Appenzell - 2007-09-21 119   Appenzell - 2007-09-21 147

Each hut, unique in its setting all share a common thread.  They all offer incredibly hearty meals, unbelievably warm beds and many a reason to fall deep in love with Switzerland.  A flushing toilet and running water are often luxurious extras.

Appenzell - 2007-09-21 140    Appenzell - 2007-09-21 139

Schäfler is no exception.  A mountain inn, or berghaus sitting at 1900+ meters in the Appenzell region is open from June through October.  Once we made the long trek mostly uphill to this awesome inn, we were rewarded with the last, fat piece of home-baked apple cake, which made the welcome all the sweeter.

Appenzell - 2007-09-21 195   Appenzell - 2007-09-21 205

We visited this incredible inn during the early onset of fall just as the bright display of colors were about to open her can of whoop ass on the landscape. As we started our decent down the mountain we were greeted by the charming sounds of alp-horns.  Oh, the entire weekend was perfect in so many ways, a September get-a-way that still makes us smile.

                    Appenzell - 2007-09-21 148   Appenzell - 2007-09-21 199

With that said, where is your next weekend retreat?  We would love to hear from you!

We dare you to look at this video and not fall in love.  (Click the Link)  Go on, give it a try and report back.  It is incredible, it is friggin’ amazing and it will leave a mark on you.   Fresh air, sick views and another incredible hiking opportunity leaves us, once again, eternally grateful for a country so small that goes BIG in so many ways.

Appenzell - 2007-09-21 227


P.S.  For this one, leave the kids at home, or get yourself one sturdy leash…no joke, check the signs!

                     Appenzell - 2007-09-21 114 Appenzell - 2007-09-21 118 Appenzell - 2007-09-21 087

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