For six years we have fumbled through, but slowly and surely have found our way and settled in to this place we now comfortably call home.

For six years we have wholeheartedly learned that things don’t make you happy, not like people and experiences do, so we have learned to let go.  We have come to truly embrace the small.  From our small apartment, our small fridge, and our very small, but totally fabulous country.

2008-07-19 - Luzern - Rigi - sign

For six years we have come to know this new country.  Getting to learn her intricacies and what makes her tick.  We have come to fall deeply in love with Switzerland; much like the affection one feels for that of a new lover. Switzerland has engraved a deep sense of admiration in us and the thought of one day having to depart is equivalent to parting ways with a life long partner.  Her charm and plentiful opportunities are deeply engrained in the people we have become.

SwissWeekend - 2007-10-26 307

For six years we have elected to release the idea of ownership.  We don’t really own anything – not a car or a home and that we must tell you feels incredibly liberating.   And after mulling it over for a while, it makes perfect sense for us at this time in our lives.  We are quite aware that we may not always want to live this way, but for now it suits us just fine.

For six years we have watched our bond, as a couple grow stronger as we have learned to rely solely on each other.  When we took our vows almost 11 years ago, we never knew we would venture so far from home.  We have shared joys and sorrows as all couples do, but those are heightened by the inability to lean on family and friends.  We have watched as our family has grown and through it all, we have held hands tightly as we embark on this unknown journey.

2010-05-07 - Tuscany 554

For six years we have missed family and friends and all the familiar aspects that once made our former home so very comfortable.  We have questioned and we have cried.  We have heard words that were never meant to sting resonate loudly and repeatedly in our ears.  We have come to ease into our choices, embracing OUR lives and simply rejoicing in the lives we have created for ourselves.  We hope as time elapses we continue to feel our decisions have been the right ones, but maybe that is the beauty of life…incredible and ongoing uncertainty.


For six years we have climbed stunning peaks, visited remote villages that once were the homes to dear relatives, we have watched as chubby toes touched salty seas, we have witnessed dwellings that housed parents during troubled times of war, we have flown, we have walked and we have found deep pleasure in every new experience.  We are humbled by what our eyes have seen and we feel blessed each time we share such incredible views with family and friends.

2009-08-04 - Mallorca 077

For six years we have learned to awaken our senses with fresh alpine air, touching frozen lakes, smelling wild flowers, taking in sunrises and sunsets, all the while feeling as if this incredible world is hugging us with her arms wide open.

2008-09-27 - Bort 066

Over the course of six years we have welcomed two incredible children into our lives.  We have visited doctors and nurses, delivered our daughter with a midwife who didn’t speak a word of English.  We have pained, we have struggled and we have marched this parenting journey solo.  We have embraced the good, the bad and the miraculous.  We have shared our love of travel with our children and we hope that one-day they come to realize the pleasure that can only resides in life’s simple pleasures – the wind in your hair and unbelievable views through your eyes.


For six years we have written, captured and tried our best to retain each and every experience so that one day when this journey has come to an end, our family can reflect on some of the best times and greatest adventures of our lives.

For six years we have been educated by the countries, cities and villages we have visited. For us, travel has been a grand educator – teaching us in ways that no classroom ever has and ever will.  We hope travel has provided our children with wings and allow them to one day take their own flight, wherever that may lead them.

2010-05-07 - Tuscany 469

For six years we have lived the lives we were meant to live.  We have learned to love in ways that were unknown to us.  We have lived lives of every season and every emotion.  We have been, hopefully, nothing other than awakened and engulfed in all the grandeur of this incredible opportunity.


3 thoughts on “Expat Life – Six Years!

  1. I love, love, love this post!

    You have written so many thoughts I have had over the 8 months! This move has certainly brought Damon and I closer. For all the bumps we’ve hit and hurdles we’ve jumped, life has never been sweeter!

    We’ve moving to Vicenza, Italy in August. I hope we get to see you soon and I would love to meet your family!

    Thank you for this post.

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