The question often arises of why we travel.  The answer is simple – because, oh, just because the joy of travel is contagious.  It is the uncertainty of the destination; the excitement of packing a bag and the unknown world that awaits you.  It is teaching your children that there is more to life than toys and trinkets, that there is wonder in this world that is meant to be explored – meant to be grasped and embraced fully.

Each new mountain climbed, each raging river observed, each sunrise and sunset reminds us why we love this life so, for this life is rich in natural offerings, still plentiful in pristine gifts and each shooting star reminds us of our small size and humble beginnings.

For the natural world of travel that we often seek is free from the complexities of the world in which we live.  Instead of being cluttered with outlets, raging phones, media interruptions and penetrating noise, it is, rather one of calm, tranquil voices, breezes that blow and gently caress the face, flowers that share their fragrance, a moon that lights the way and a sun that warms the soul.  There is joy in stumbling across a lake in the most vivid hues of blue and green, mountains that tower overhead, watching, waiting and protecting us all.  It is the natural world we seek often when we travel, for the natural world offers us the most – the most of what we often need.  A rejuvenated sense of who we are, why we are here and what we long to share with future generations.

Coming Soon…Adventures in Corsica 


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