Shhh…. I promise if you discover this place the way that we have, your heart will pine for just one more visit.  You will dream of places to explore, long for new locations to discover, but you will return.  You will return for the views that leave you speechless, the impressive face of the Eiger that stares you down each and every morning and every evening as you drift off to sleep.

2007-10-19-Bort-095 2009-07-13-Bort-018

The long winding paths that lead to crystal clear lakes with soft reflections in their mist.  “Life is a journey, not a destination,” R.W. Emerson once said, but I beg to differ – for this destination, this one location that calls to us when we have been away too long, sits deep in our hearts and leaves lasting impressions in our minds.

2010-12-21_Bort_047 2009-07-13-Bort-020 2011-12-21_Bort_070

Yeah, it can be easy to access, but that only means we get to share it with those we love.  Many a visitor have hiked those paths, slept under a blanket of stars in a modest house that leaves its guests bellies full with Alpine delights.



Our children love it too.  The adore the gondolas that sweep them up tall mountains, they giggle in delight as paragliders seamlessly set sail from tall cliffs, they love touching snow in July and they too, have come to relish in the beauty of Alpine flowers.


We all win, we all stay for a night or two and we all realize how lucky we are.  And each time our time is coming to a close, I pause for just one more glance of those snow covered peaks to savor the moment and I fill with a tinge of sadness.  I love this place, this Berghaus, those mountains and streams, the fresh, fresh air, the flowers, the cows, the memories and the stories.  The beauty of this little Alpine haven is that I know we will return, for we always do.


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