Hasliberg, Switzerland – Muggestutz Theme Trail – It might not be a cabin or a chalet, but it is all about the destination!


If dreams and childhood fantasies could be etched out of the forest with tiny dwarf houses, ladders to climb, bells to ring, porches to sweep, tiny dwarf clothes, and gondolas to ride, then the Muggestutz Trail is the perfect hide away for any dreamer.  Oh, and the cuteness of it all is simply contagious, adults cannot help but fall in love with the scenery and the creative mastermind that went behind both of these incredible theme trails.

                       2013-07-13-Mrngn_011 2013-07-13-Mrngn_103

What makes trails like these so enchanting is the simple fact that as Americans they are a true novelty.   We know of nothing even remotely similar that exists in the States (if you have discovered such trails, please let us know). You see, theme trails are a win – win for everyone and so very special to us as Americans for a multitude of reasons.


  1. Parents get to finally hike without the whimpers and constant whining of little people tugging at their sides wondering, “Are we there yet?” Children get to play and explore among some impressive scenery and forget all about the miles their little feet are actually covering.
  2. The trails are well – marked and well – maintained.  At each stop there is a sign that tells you all about the destination you have reached in three languages (one of which was English…whew) and then a marker for how long it will take to reach the next interactive site.  What a great way to encourage your children to keep walking!
  3. The picnic site along one of the trails is simply remarkable.  Set along a babbling brook with BBQ pits to boot, free wood to burn (don’t even worry about the forest fires )why not have a campfire and enjoy a picnic lunch with your family?
  4. Did we mention that the trails are as sweet as sweet can be?  Seriously, the photos, the maps, the tiny hand sewn clothes make you long for more.


A trip to Hasliberg is certainly worth every franc you spend and every effort you might make to get there.  As you walk through the trails you will find yourself wondering if you are in some magical storybook and the answer to that my friends, is “yes”and that storybook is so sweetly called Switzerland!

2013-07-13-Mrngn_177 2013-07-13-Mrngn_182

The nitty – gritty details for those up for the adorable adventure:
Theme Trail Name:  Muggestutz Zwergenwege am Hasliberg
Two trails to choose from, but please do both, but not necessarily in a single day!
The trail is only open from mid – June through October.
The trail is NOT stroller friendly, so don’t even attempt it.  Get yourself a sturdy backpack just in case your little one gets tired along the way.


Trail Number One – Zwergenweg Mägisalp-Bidmi
This takes a minimum of two – hours and is roughly 5km in length.
This trail is lovely with open meadows and grand views.
Please check the last times down for the gondola, but typically the last lift leaves at 5:00 p.m.


Trail Number Two – Zwergenweg Käserstatt – Lischen
This also takes a minimum of two hours, but just know, children love to take their time while on the trails.  They frolic, tinker and simply absorb all of the joy these trails have to offer.  You can easily spend an entire day on one trail and if you are staying for a weekend – why not relax and just let your children be children?


This trail is home to the gorgeous picnic site, so pack your sausages and bread and get ready for some good old-fashioned fun!  The children might stop playing in the stream just long enough to scarf down some lunch and then back again to get wet, dirty and full of natural fun!  Bring a change of clothes and possibly a change of shoes…just in case!

Oh, and remember to know when the last bus and gondola go down the mountain for the day.  You don’t want to have to walk all the way to your final destination with tired little people at your side due to poor planning.


What To Pack?
A change of clothes
A sun hat
Your camera – these scenes are just too cute to miss!
A rain jacket
Warm clothes just in case
Plenty of water and snacks
First Aid Kit

Where We Stayed
Hotel Viktoria ***


The location could not have been more perfect with a two-minute walk to the gondola station, which took us directly to the start of the first hike mentioned under Trail Number One. 


Our room was HUGE and perfect for our family of four.  The added bonus was the indoor playroom, the outdoor playground and the children’s menu.  Our children were extremely happy and happy children make for happy parents!

Here’s to incredible views and fun adventures!


One thought on “Weekend Retreat – Just for Kids

  1. Great shots of the Swiss Alps! And that looks like a fantastic walk too. I’ve not come across these theme trails before, what a fantastic idea.

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