Sometimes as the mother of two small children, I long to feel the wind in my hair and less barf on my shirt. It is not often that I am ever without my little ones, and as much as I adore my children, sometimes even the most dedicated of mothers yearns for a break.  So, when a dear friend recommended a night away, I jumped at the chance.


Now some moms would love a weekend of shopping or indulging in a spa, but for me there is nothing more peaceful and rejuvenating than spending time in the Alps. The gloomy forecast didn’t bother me one bit as we made our way to Engelberg to hike the Jochpass. At 2,207m, this mountain pass located in the Uri Alps is stunning and was a first for me. With lush green grass meeting beautiful blue skies, the hiking, the passing rain showers and scenery were exactly what the Dr. ordered.


We made our way by foot to the all too sweet Engstlenalp Hotel where we shared an old fashioned room with a bathroom just down the hall. Dinner was elegantly served and the charm of the farms in the area was reminiscent of simpler times.  I ate slowly and uninterrupted that evening, enjoying the glow of the candles and the peace of dining in adult company.

2013-07-20-Egalp_294 2013-07-20-Egalp_203

After an evening of horrendous rainfall, and clapping thunder, we woke to stunning views of the Alps and not a single raindrop in sight. Oh, the gift of clear skies in the Alps is such a blessing. With our packs strapped on tight we were anxious to get “out there” and make the most of the day.

2013-07-20-Egalp_396 2013-07-20-Egalp_305

On our way to Melchsee –Frutt, we passed friendly hikers and bikers on the trail offering up their most gracious “Gruezi’s.” We would then hike a bit more, only to be greeted by affectionate goats, a plethora of Swiss cows lazily basking in the sun, and stunning horses galloping down the trails. We stopped briefly to watch the local cheese maker hard at work, all the while wondering if this entire scene that stretched out before us had in someway been orchestrated by the Swiss Travel Industry. This is “Swiss Bliss,” my friend said and I couldn’t help but agree.

2013-07-20-Egalp_240 2013-07-20-Egalp_284

It was truly an immersion into Swiss life and Swiss culture playing out right before our eyes. We lingered longer than necessary trying desperately to hold onto each unbelievable moment.

2013-07-20-Egalp_471 2013-07-20-Egalp_441

As the day came to a close, I was grateful for the opportunity to hike in such legendary scenery with such a dear friend.  And the most beautiful aspect of the weekend were those warm little arms that wrapped themselves tightly around my neck upon my arrival back home. Oh, and that is the joy of travel, retreating into nature, soaking up the land, the water and the sun and once again returning to the familiar of home.  “Swiss Bliss” indeed!



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