Moving is stressful, but moving to a new country can be absolutely paralyzing.
Here are a few tips to help you get moving again and make the most of your new life.



Learn the Language
Though most people in Basel speak English and the Expat community can keep you pretty comfy in your English speaking ways, there is no substitute for learning the language.

2013-07-06-Bort_433Find Your “Go to Girl”
This is vital. Find at least one person you trust with the extra key to your flat, with your children, that can be there in a flash should you have an emergency. Find her quick too, you never know when you might just need an extra set of hands, help getting to the hospital, or being rescued when your two – year- old daughter locks you out on the balcony. Oh, and reciprocate in ten fold. Drop off flowers every once in awhile just because, invite her to dinner, take hikes, go on holiday, not only is she a great friend, she is your new family.


2009-10-10-Basel_SignGo Home
Sometimes, despite the fact that I adore Switzerland, I miss home. I pine for grocery store conversations with strangers, the national park that sat so close to our home, getting lost in a good book or chat at my favorite café, hugging bodies that are so dear to me, smiling with my family, and when I just long for the familiar, I know it is time to retreat back to the States. Book your flight, bring along an empty suitcase for all the treats you miss and enjoy!

2013-10-20-Engelberg_165Try, Try and Try Again
You will fail. You will be humbled; you will cry, wince and wonder what the hell you are doing, but keep on trying. Try to speak the language, try to stand up for yourself when that mean old lady yells at you or your children on the tram, cry because you miss the comforts of home, but once all of that is said and done, pick yourself up and carry on. You will be stronger, happier and grateful for each new day and each new experience.



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