Outdoor Playgrounds

Claramatte – Klingentalstrasse 25
Located on the Klein Basel side of the city, this urban playground is a delight for children of all ages. With climbing areas, slides, swings, and a pool, children will be occupied for hours.

Kannenfeldpark – Burgfelderstrasse 75
This is hands down the most beautiful, enclosed park in Basel and a true haven for lovers of green space. With several small play areas including: swings, sand –pits, climbing parks and a pool, this is a great place to enjoy a full morning or day. Adults will enjoy running on the parks trail too.
*This park has a café on site.

Margarethenpark – Located in 4053 Basel
This playground is split into two manageable play areas. A pool is also available during the warmer months. Don’t forget to walk up the hill to explore the trails above and the local farm.

Schützenmattpark – Bachletten 4054
This is another big park ideal for the whole family. With swings, slides and a small play area for young children, this park is great for lounging on the grass, swimming in the small pool, or digging in the sand. There is also a “track” of sorts for those inclined to run in a gorgeous setting.
*This park has a café on site and pay toilets.

Solitude Park – Solitude – Promenade 4058 Basel
This small, yet fully functional park offers plenty of green space sitting right behind the Tinguely Museum. With swings, sand – pits and a climbing area, pack a snack or lunch and enjoy your meal under the shade of a nearby tree.

St. Johanns – Park – 4056 Basel
This newly refurbished playground is a great spot to spend some time during the summer months. With a nice water station for the children, plenty of nearby green space, plus a great café on location, parents can have a drink in the summer sun while their children happily play.

Grün 80 or Park im Grünen Münchenstein – Rainstrasse 6, 4142 Münchenstein
This beautiful park sits behind Merian Park and is a true gem. With a huge pond and plenty of ducks, bring along your stale bread, which is certain to entertain your children. The nature areas are vast and the park located behind the Migros restaurant is fun for children of all ages. With a zip line, baby swings, slides, climbing structures and a smaller area for younger children, the entire family will enjoy this park.
*Restaurant onsite.

Wenken Park – Riehen – 4125 – A stunning area, loads of green space, this area is a true oasis for children and families of all ages.  The backdrop makes for lovely strolls in nature, and across from Wenken Park sits a nice playground for children with a climbing structure, tire swings and lots of space to play soccer, catch or a nice game of chase.  A grill pit is also onsite.

Merian Gärten – 4052 Basel                                                                                                                      For a beautiful day at a local park or botanical garden, head over to the Merian Gärtens located in St. Jakob.  In the front of the botanical garden sits a small playground with a large sandpit, a fountain for castle building, and a play structure.  After your little ones have enjoyed a good play, consider walking to the large grey and white house for a nice coffee while the children enjoy the Koi pond.  Then continue down the hill to stroll through the vegetable and herb gardens and to witness the sheep, chickens and rabbits.  A perfect family day will be had by all!

Birsköpfli – Basel – 4052 – Located on the scenic Rhine River, this park is a great spot to spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy the beach – like feel of this magical area.  Allow the children to play on the beach area before making your way to the actual park.  This is the location where the Birs river dumps into the Rhine.  Pack water shoes, a bucket and shovel and get digging – with adult supervision of course!  Once at the park, the children will enjoy the tire swing, the baby swings, the slides, sand pit and array of other climbing areas.  In addition, this park just added a Street Workout area for those inclined to burn a few calories.  There are bathrooms onsite, but no café. Don’t worry, before you cross over the bridge, on the right hand side sits Veranda Pellicano, which has a bar and food available. For a long, leisurely afternoon, continue to walk down the Rhine after you have visited the park.  On the right, you will see pigs and other areas at the Birsfelden Robi Spiel, but don’t stop there.  Continue to walk on to the area where the barges pass through the locks.  This is guaranteed to entertain the entire family!


Breitematte – Spielplatz – Basel – 4052 – We typically try to keep this site very positive, but after visiting the newly opened Bretiematte – Spielplatz, we were highly disappointed.  So disappointed in fact that we no longer visit the park.  Despite our children being a bit older now, this park was very difficult for them to navigate without our assistance.  The slides are virtually impossible to access for small legs, and in our humble opinion, not very safe.  Visually the park looks fantastic, but mechanically, much of the play areas are fixed and not accessible for children to ride, climb or thoroughly enjoy.  Parents must be onsite and able to assist with negotiating the mechanics of much of this park.  Bummer!


Animal Parks:

Tierpark Lange Erlen – Hirzbrunnen, 4058 Basel
This is a real prize for the entire family. Essentially a small zoo, this recently updated wildlife park is great all year round. With animals to visit, parks to play, forests to discover and slow walks along the Rhine, Lange Erlen makes for the perfect outing.
*This park has a restaurant onsite.

Zoo Basel
Regardless of your take on zoos, the Basel zoo is incredible. With a wonderful indoor aquarium, a newly constructed outdoor area for the gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans, play areas for the children, an onsite restaurant, and a petting area, the zoo is a true source of constant entertainment for any family residing in the area. Accessible by trams 1 or 8 to stop “Zoo Bachletten” or trams 10 or 17 to the “Zoo” stop. The zoo is open daily, even on holidays, and costs CHF 18 per adult and children 6 to 16 pay CHF 7, but if you plan to frequent the zoo, the family pass of just CHF 140 is a fabulous deal.

Schwartzpark – Spielplatz – Gellertstrasse 4052 Basel                                                                   This park is set in an expansive green space filled with deer and a small playground for the children.  The area is perfect for walking and simply taking a family stroll on a lazy Sunday.  The park is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 – 21:00 and on Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 – 21:00.  Winter hours are a bit shorter, with the park closing at dark.   Bikes are not permitted in the park, however, if you happen to have yours with you, simply get off and walk.

Robi Spielplätz:

Are ideal for older children (six and up, however, our two – year – old loves them), these indoor and outdoor play areas are imaginative, funky and fun.  To learn more about the wide array of play areas and programs offered by Robi – Spielplätze. Please visit:

Robi Daronga 4102 Binningen
What can I say, I fell in love and so did our children. This crazy fun play place has it all. From tree houses that look like they were built by children, a huge wooden ship for exploring, fire and sand pits, guinea pigs, pigs, and rabbits all ready to be fed each day at 15:00 and a free snack for the children at 16:00, what isn’t to love? Don’t worry about bringing bikes, or scooters, they have them on site. Entry is free and the site is open Monday – Saturday from 13:30 – 18:00.

SpielEstrich Kaserne – Klybeckstrasse 1B – 4057 Basel
We have come to refer to this indoor hot spot as the play attic. With indoor slides, climbing walls, wooden beams and other crazy fun activities to keep older children entertained during the cold winter months or during the heat of the summer, this free indoor play area is too fun to miss. Bring warm clothes and indoor shoes for the colder months and don’t forget, you can book this location for birthday parties.
Check the website for opening times, but it appears as though the site is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 14:00 – 17:30.

Robi Spielfeld – Dornacherstrasse 192 – 4053 Basel                                                                     This is a wonderful, albeit, slightly eclectic indoor playground.  With lots of climbing structures, indoor slides, trampolines and games, children can be occupied for hours on a rainy, or cold day.   This indoor area is open Monday through Friday from 14:00 – 17:30.  The play area is closed on the weekends, however, is available for rental for birthday parties and other gatherings.  The play area is recommended for children 6 to 12 years in age.  Bring indoor shoes and water for drinking whenever you go!


*Always check opening times for indoor play areas and animal parks.

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