Bump. Set. Spike. Each year, Barfüsserplatz in Basel is transformed into a true beach volleyball scene. The title sponsor for the event is Coop, who provides plenty of sand, energetic music and lively crowds for this four-day affair.  Pretty amazing since the nearest ocean is just under 500km away!


This year, the seasonal event started on Saturday, May 3 at 16:00 and will conclude on Tuesday, May 6 at 16:00 when the men’s final will take place. The event can be enjoyed by the entire family and might just spark a volleyball enthusiast among the smallest of spectators.

In typical Swiss fashion, the moment the event concludes, it is as if it never happened. Not a trace of sand will be found in Barfüsserplatz and all of the trash from the food and free give-a-ways will be cleared away instantly. All will be clean and tidy, the athletes will return to their normal routines and there is yet again another reason why Basel is a fabulous little city to call home.

For more information on the Coop Beachtour please visit: www.coopbeachtour.ch


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