Dear Melinda,

After hearing about and reading the Adventure Journal article about 8 Mothers who Crush, I wanted you to know why I think you are a Mother who Crushes it, rather than read that article with a sad face. You may not be a champion in a 300-mile ultramarathon, or the only one to summit two 8,000-meter peaks in the same day, or the master of a 5.14b rock route. How many people know what 5.14b means or cares anyway?

2013-07-26-Zrmat_0658-0663smThe ladies, ahem mothers, who are portrayed in the article, are at the top – there can only be one champion, a single best. But is that enough to be one of the elite 8 Mothers who crush it? I think not. Are these mothers really present to be a mother while training for or climbing/skiing Everest, ultramarathoning, or spider climbing a rock face? I still think not. What mother puts themselves in direct danger for their own proclamation of elitism before their own kin? For so many other reasons, you are the mother who crushes it, Daily.

2010-09-12_Run_09You Crush it because you show up, you enter the arena, you give it your all. You Crush it because you dedicate your full days (and nights) to our children. You Crush it because you do not outsource help with the kids. You Crush it because you have a much harder job than I. You Crush it because you teach me how to be a better parent.  You Crush it because you plan and do everything for our children and value their experience to be outside, all the time. You do all this without a car. You Crush it because you are compassionate, supportive, and conscious with our children, while beating yourself up to be better.

Hike from Riffelsee

You Crush it because you gave birth in a foreign country, in a foreign language, without any family help or support, TWICE! You Crush it because you worked and worked-out right up until their births. You Crush it because you care, in great detail about their food, their health, their activities, how they’re perceived, and how they interact. You Crush it because you do, and have done all this and still have found the time to run races, triathlons, and adventure runs, pushing yourself in the gym, and hiking alpine trails with our children on your back!

Murmeltierweg (marmot trail) 3

You Crush it because your writing has been published in 2 different magazines. You Crush it because you can and have traveled all over (mostly Europe), with the kids, uninhibited by what others might say, while making it look easy. You Crush it because you relocated to a foreign country/city without ever visiting it. You are a mother who Crushes it because you put your children first, before yourself. You are my one who Crushes it daily, and those ladies in the article don’t come close to you. Happy Mother’s to the woman who Crushes it, and shows others how it’s really done!  I think the world should know that.

Forever in Love,
Your Husband, Robert


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