There’s no better way to spend a day than hiking in the Swiss Alps, except when you get to hike in a completely new area of the Swiss Alps. To see peaks, ridges and Alpine Lakes for the first time imposes a sense of wonder that is unlike any other. The mountains take you in, smile a silent “hello” and if they could speak, I am certain they would say, “Welcome. Make yourself at home, but tread lightly.”


Stockhorn sits at 2190m and is accessible by foot or gondola, offering commanding views of Lake Thun. Situated in the Bernese Alps, the area made for a very impressive first visit. With a landscape of rich green, patchy blue skies and crystal clear lakes, one can easily be captivated by the beauty that stretches out before you.

 2014-07-05-stkhr_106 2014-07-05-stkhr_76

Hiking and fishing are the main attractions of the area. For a memorable trek in the area, which will take travelers around the two lakes (Hinterstocken and Oberstockensee) and is accessible by taking the lift up from Erlenbach im Simmental to Chrindri then following the yellow signs (or Wanderwegs) for Erlenispfad (June – October). The hike is roughly 2 hours and forty – five minutes, but travel a bit further to Oberstockenalp to enjoy an authentic Swiss meal in a remarkable setting.  To obtain a map of the area, pick – up a free copy at the gondola station.


For those fit and willing, make the uphill hike from Oberstockenalp to Stochhorn. Once on the summit, take the time to breathe in the views, sink in to your surroundings and remark yet again at how absolutely stunning Switzerland is as a country.


4 thoughts on “Summoning the New – Stockhorn

    1. Hiking in the Swiss Alps is amazing, so you forget that at times it is quite challenging. I think the people who run up the mountains are in far better shape! Thanks though for your sweet compliment.

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