What better way to spend a gloomy Saturday than to explore a 1,000-year-old hill-top castle? Oh, living in Switzerland offers families so many thrilling opportunities and Lenzburg castle was nothing short of a full day of family fun. From the moment we stepped foot on site, there were activities to engage our children, cabins to explore, keys to be found, swords and crowns to be made, museums to pursue and wells to fill.

2014-05-29-Lenzb_082 2014-05-29-Lenzb_062

Located in the canton of Aargau, the museum is accessible by train and bus. We took the train from Basel, which took just under an hour and then walked to the castle instead of waiting for the bus to arrive (who says you need a car to get around?).

2014-05-29-Lenzb_134jpg 2014-05-29-Lenzb_144jpg

The museum costs 14chf for adults and children aged 4-16 are 8 francs, but with the handy-dandy museum pass, your entrance is free. Pack a picnic lunch and spread out on one of the picnic benches before or after exploring the gorgeous grounds of the castle. The museum is open from Tuesday – Sunday and on most public holidays from 10:00 – 17:00.

2014-05-29-Lenzb_091 2014-05-29-Lenzb_141

Allocate an entire day to make the most of this ancient wonder. Our children loved running around the grounds, filling the bucket in the small pond and then dumping its contents into the impressive well. The thrill of hearing the water plummet to the bottom was contagious and we found ourselves making several trips to witness this childhood fascination over and over.

2014-05-29-Lenzb_095 2014-05-29-Lenzb_099

We slowly made our way into the museum, which was surprisingly engaging for our son who is five years of age. Yes, some of the details are a bit gruesome, but we skipped over those and created child – friendly versions for those innocent ears. The true magic waits on the top floor where children play freely in the attic, which is filled with jewels, dresses, knight outfits and loads of open space to play and allow the imagination to run wild. The craft room encourages children to create swords, crowns and an array of other creative projects. I was amazed at how well the castle was configured for children and smiled in their delight as the hours quickly passed.

2014-05-29-Lenzb_04jpg 2014-05-29-Lenzb_21

When our time of exploration was finally over, we made our way by foot to the train station, slowly meandering through the sweet town, stopping to pick – up sticks, eat a snack and reflect on a beautifully memorable day – kid style!

2014-05-29-Lenzb_059 2014-05-29-Lenzb_063


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