The wrecked C-117 (Super DC-3) on Sólheimasandur Beach is an interesting thing to see, and the uncertainty of navigating to the site only heightens the discovery when you arrive. We found the GPS coordinates (63.459121, -19.364706) online before we made the trip. Our Garmin, somehow blocked from map updates, still managed to plot the course without any issues and sent us off the Ring Road down an unpaved gravel track.

The remains of the decaying wreckage only revealed itself to us when we were 350-400 meters (1/4 mile) from it. It is interesting to see what remains after forty years of extreme weather, vandalism, and tourism. During our visit, several groups of people came and left with their own personality and amoeba-like presence of surveying, sampling, sensing, and exploring.

With childlike imaginations and fascinations, we each took to the wreck with great interest; exploring it, testing it, inspecting it, and climbing it. We found scraps. We tossed rocks. We inspected wires. We grew wings and took flight, jumping from the fragmented fuselage. We photographed, Instagrammed, and flickered the hell out of it. We had fun. If we were not kids, we became kids.

Some additional information (History, etc) about this airplane on an earlier post.

To become a kid again, at least partially, you can print out your own Paper Model of a DC-3 here.


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