Are you looking for an alternative to Mt. Rigi or Pilatus, but still want to have breathtaking views of the Alps without traveling too far? Looking for an easy place to take visitors?  Stanserhorn is a gorgeous mountain offering commanding views of the Alps and is ideal for showing guests the natural beauty of Switzerland.


With the first – ever Cabrio, an open air gondola, which allow passengers the opportunity to enjoy a thrilling ride to the top of the mountain, you can add a bit of excitement to your ordinary journey. Not to worry, the design is perfectly safe and the entire family will enjoy a ride in the clouds as you make your way closer to the mountain.

Cabriojpg 2014-05-31-Shorn_138

With a restaurant on top, relaxing lounge chairs available on the deck to soak up the sun and bask in the glow of the mountaintops, marmots and hang gliders to entertain the children, Stanserhorn provides a nice break from the city.

2014-05-31-Shorn_089 2014-05-31-Shorn_050 2014-05-31-Shorn_055

We had high hopes to take a lovely hike down the back side of the mountain, but once we stumbled across a danger sign (one of the first such signs we have ever spotted in the mountains) we made the wise parental decision to take the gondola half way down the mountain and hike the rest of the way to the village. Not exactly what we had anticipated (nor was the dense cloud covered summit), but still a nice and safe hike with the family and enjoyed our visit to the mountain.

2014-05-31-Shorn_218jpg 2014-05-31-Shorn_198jpg 2014-05-31-Shorn_190

For more information on Stanserhorn, please visit their website.


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