I think I’m addicted to Iceland.  I was not cured of it after planning and spending two weeks there.  A trip, 20 years in the waiting.  And now we have over five thousand photos on our computer which is maddening to go though.  Don’t worry, we won’t post them all and we hope you don’t get tired of seeing the ones we do.  I seem to get lost in the beauty of it all.  After much time and sorting, here are a few in Black & White.

Warning: we still have a few more posts to go which capture the ridiculous landscapes we found in the south.  Until then, we hope you enjoy, and that you find it habit-forming.

In case you missed them, here are some additional posts:

I tagged this as part of the Daily Posts Weekly Challenge: Dreamy, since I can’t stop dreaming about this place.  It’s that awesome!

5 thoughts on “Black and White Iceland

  1. I seriously want to buy a ticket now and go! Like you, I have wanted to go there for many moons – someday I’ll make it there. Until then I get to enjoy your image, which BTW are totally awesome – you really have a great eye for composition!

  2. Stunning photos. Especially love the ones where the water gushes down to the earth. I’m sure it was very loud. I’m sure for a moment you stood there just gapign at all the water crashing down right in front of you. Sounds like you had a great trip 🙂

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