It happened again, the moment we stepped foot into the cozy, one bedroom weekend retreat, we asked ourselves the question, “Could we live here?” We were only visiting for a week, but in that week, with remarkable views, a wood burning stove and modern accommodations, we settled in.


We found ourselves eager to wake each morning just to see the lake change right before our eyes – the mist slowly rising and falling like a blanket draped over a person who was unsure whether they were too hot or too cold. The sun casting what appeared to be handfuls of glitter on the surface of the water and the wind blowing in fresh scents that started our days like a cup of our favorite coffee. It was a delicious way to start each our days.


In that week, we explored, we played at local playgrounds, visited family farms and were swept away by gondolas and chair lifts, taking us high into the mountains. We felt at peace in that little weekend retreat for it was all so easy.

2014-10-12-Mrshc_212jpg 2014-10-12-Mrshc_251

We effortlessly jumped on buses, boarded boats and hiked with glorious views surrounding us. The area kept us fully engaged for a full week of exploration and this time, the answer that kept tugging at us, was a definite YES!, YES!, we think we could just get used to waking up each morning with breathtaking views of the Lake, falling asleep by the warmth of a glowing fire and spending our days hiking ridges, and throwing ourselves and our children into the true joy that only nature can provide and that is the true essence of the weekend retreat – finding a place that captivates you so deeply you long to stay until you remember once again, that there is so much More2Explore!


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