I love to hear stories of people who follow their bliss. The very people who develop their craft and fall deeply into that which makes them come alive. Have you ever noticed when someone shares with you that one or in some cases, those things that bring them true and earth shaking joy? Watch as their faces light up.  Observe them as they shake with happiness; as they revert to a child that is surrounded by cake – they are pumped, juiced and ecstatically anxious to dive in. Their joy is so contagious, that one cannot help but want to take a bite.

Lately, I have been fortunate enough to run into people who are doing the very thing that makes them anxious to greet each new day. The very people who are eager to run another mile, register for a course, step foot into their arena, start a day of work they love, or walk into that meeting that will potentially change the course of their life. My heart does a little dance for them – for having the balls to follow your bliss isn’t always easy. There are always a million reasons to play it safe, walk the same path you have always ventured down and abandon your true joy or the very thing that has been calling you for days, months or even years, but to push that aside takes immense gumption.

As these people surround me, I am reminded to abandon the fear, the nagging “what –ifs” and simply dive in – for taking the initial plunge is sometimes the hardest, but often the most rewarding.



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