Höllgrotten Baar

2014-10-16-Mrshc_094Switzerland never ceases to amaze me. Just when we think we have covered a great deal of this country, we are gently reminded that we have not even scrapped the surface. On our recent trip to Morschach (a little gem of an area) we took a day trip to explore the Höllgrotten caves in Baar.


This was a new experience for us, as we had never been inside caves before and well, to be perfectly honest, birth canal spelunking is certainly not my thing. A bit leery, but up for the adventure, we headed out to explore this 150-year-old grotto.

2014-10-16-Mrshc_059 After catching the bus, we jumped off  at Tobelbrücke and enjoyed a 30-minute hike through woods, along a small river and made our way to the caves. Once inside the caves, the official tour takes about 45– minutes depending on how many stops you make. Our children enjoyed the experience as they kept referring to the Stalactites and Stalagmites to crystals, which kept them fully engaged for the entire experience.

2014-10-16-Mrshc_016jpg 2014-10-16-Mrshc_029jpg

Things to keep in mind:

The caves are quite cold, so dress accordingly.

The inside of the caves are well lit and illuminated, however, watch your step!

We elected to carry our youngest child due to pools of water and the slippery ground.

If you go by bus, be prepared to hike to the destination. When we visited the caves, the first section of the trail was rather slippery and steep.

Opening Times:

April 1 – October 31 daily from 9 – 5pm   Information: http://www.hoellgrotten.ch


4 thoughts on “Caving

  1. Gorgeous pictures. We would need a life time and then some to really see a country. There is always something new, something more to discover. That is what makes traveling so much fun

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