2014-08-02 - Iceland 169es

When you suddenly realize that there are only 320,000 people on the island and most of those live in Reykjavik. Whether good or bad, there are just over 300,000 people in the entire country! Wow!

When you try to purchase groceries at 9:00 a.m. and realize that the stores do not open until 11:00 a.m. Who knew that light hours had such an impact? Now you know.

When the Blue Lagoon is the perfect place to visit immediately after getting off the plane.  And yes, it really is that cool!

2014-07-31 - Iceland 144e

When the locals sport t –shirts in 12c temperatures while we, the non-locals, are bundled up.

2014-08-05 - Iceland 183es

When not a single fireplace can be found in any of the houses you rent…we get it now!

When everyone you meet speaks perfect English and you fall deeper in love with the ease of traveling to such a perfect destination.

2014-08-03 - Iceland 513es

When you meet the locals and are immediately taken by their chill and super – friendly demeanor; and immediately hope some of that will rub off on you.

When hitchhiking is alive and well and you partake despite your two kids in the backseat.

2014-08-03 - Iceland 224es

When things look old and tattered due to harsh weather conditions, but are perfectly functioning and by no means an indication of neighborhood quality.

When you find yourself speechless at the beauty that expands right in front of your eyes and you long to see more.

When you believe you have been totally ruined for all future travel destinations, for nothing could ever top this place.

2014-08-03 - Iceland 423es

When you turn on the radio and find yourself in love with all the local stations. Oh, the music was so good. If you don’t believe us, check out Kaleo and listen to a personal favorite, “All the Pretty Girls.” Pascal Pinon is also quite enjoyable with their song, “When I Can’t Sleep.”

When you feel ever so free. Free to explore, free to embrace everything Icelandic and free to let yourself go in ways that might just surprise you.

When you are able to witness super moons slowly rising over pristine waterfalls.

Super Moon

When you are privileged to attend a photo exhibit free of charge and discover one of your now favorite photographers. Ragnar Axelsson also known as RAX. Check out his incredible work, info on Wiki.

When crossing rivers by car is absolutely normal.

When local horses outnumber people and beautifully dot the landscape.

2014-08-02 - Iceland 205es


When your children are eager to greet each new day, dance with incoming waves, climb basalt columns, smile at all the horses that came to say good-bye, spot puffins for the very first time, walk behind waterfalls, hike to the tops of tall mountains, giggle at glaciers floating by and cry when it is time to leave.

2014-08-08 - Iceland 080es


When upon stepping foot in the airport to board your return flight home, you catch a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye. You look over at your partner and thank him for dreaming up such a journey and promise to each other that your return trip will be sooner than later.

When according to The Geography of Bliss written by Eric Weiner, you understand why this tiny island is one of the happiest places on earth despite the long, dark winters and unpredictable volcanoes.

2014-08-06 - Iceland 207


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