In case you missed them, here are the best posts of 2014.  Many Thanks to all our followers, social media connections, viewers, and WordPress readers for stopping by, and making More2Explore all that it is!

#1 Best Play Grounds in Basel – If you need something to do with your kids in Basel, this is a great resource for most, if not all of the playgrounds and what they have to offer.



#2 Hiking in Switzerland – Map Your Options – You want to hike Switzerland, but are unsure of the navigation side of things. Check out this post, it is a valuable resource with options and important links to online tools for Swiss trails. Why? Because we did the work for you!


#3 Keflavik – We Have a Problem – This is our own story about the Plane Wreck in Iceland. It is a Black and White photo compilation of our visit to the crash site as well as the history behind one of the most intriguing places we’ve ever been. This is perhaps my favorite post.


#4 Our Dilemma with Iceland – This Robert’s pre-story of Iceland. It reminds us to Get Out & Go, remove the excuses, inhibitions, and see the world you want to see regardless of what others think. Life is Short and sometimes you need to do your own thing.


#5 The Kids and the Plane – We cannot say enough about Iceland, and from all the traffic on our site, it is also of interest to many others. This post reflects upon the fun we have had, and encourages us all to find the inner child. We’re never too old to play and have fun!


#6 Teaching Children to Break the Rules – For all you parents out there, here is a topic about the balance between discipline, order, chaos, and letting go. Kids will be kids, and sometimes, it’s ok to break the rules.


#7 Basel Goes Botanical – Basel is a wonderful city, the Spring only accentuates it. This post lists many parks in Basel, and is a must use resource when visiting, especially in the spring.



#8 Black and White Iceland – After thousands of photos of Iceland, we show you our favorites in a special Black and White post. Use caution while viewing, it might make you want to book a trip!



#9 Hiking the Jura Crest Trail – A day trip from Basel, the Jura Crest Trail offers a nice segment from Balsthal to Weissenstein. On clear days, this hike offers views of the alps.  Here is a little info for those who might enjoy a different hike.



2011-05-11_Ednbg_310#10 Expat Life – Taking Risks – As opportunities present themselves, or if you are paving your own way, this post is a personal story on taking a risk to live abroad. Taking in all that the journey has to offer, and making most of the adventure.


Thanks again for all your views in 2014!!!


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