There’s a lot of Blogging out there, so if you’re looking to travel to Europe this year, here are a few Posts from More2Explore which you might find of interest.  Some are great places to visit, others are tips about traveling with kids, and some are just good advice for exploring as you go.

Lammas in Liechtenstein#1 Family Hotel Gorfion – Malbun, Liechtenstein – Hiking with your kids and lammas? Enjoying some parental alone time with the kids off on their own adventure? Or was it the free ice cream? It was all good, and this Family Hotel rates as one of our favorites! Not to miss if you are in Liechtenstein. (There are also a few in Austria, shhh!)

Stellisee 1# 2 Zermatt – Too Incredible to Skip – We love Zermatt! And the hiking is just incredible. If you are in Switzerland, you should not miss this quintessential place. We visited during the summer and wished we spent more time there. This post is about some of the hiking adventures.

2009-04-08_SB_103#3 When Less is More – Here’s to Less! (cheers) As Expats, we’re in a country with profound transportation ease, and we celebrate the simplicity and appreciate minimalism when in contrast to our post-America lifestyle.


2011-10-13_Brlin_074#4 56 Hours in Berlin, Germany – A short trip, in a city with a lot to offer. If you only have a short time to visit Berlin, then here are a few things to you might consider seeing or doing.


2013-07-26-Zrmat_0665#5 Nature Rocks – Share it with Your Kids – Ditch the technology, your kids will thank you later. This is the best thing you can do with them, and hey, you might learn a thing or two along the way.


DSC_3608e#6 Speechless – If you haven’t noticed, we’re still in our “honeymoon” phase from our visit to Iceland. This post highlights the jewel in the south known as Jökulsarlon and should convince you too, to take this epic journey.


2014-10-18-Mrshc_080#7 Why I Love the Push – A late summer visit to central Switzerland, and we found ourselves persevering through an awesome ridge-line hike with spectacular views with our two kids. Here is to perseverance and a touch of being ballsy.


Summer Fun!#8 Forest Play Ground – Where Dirt is Learning – Got kids? Trying to find your inner child? We cheers the outdoors, and highlight what outside can bring you and your kids. Get Out & Go, with your kids!



2013-11-08 - FTREG - Padua 129#9 On the Road to Health – Are you afraid to travel because you might not know what food you might encounter? We invite you to live life and enjoy food the way the locals do. Plus, your experience always makes a great story.



2014-10-11-Mrshc_054#10 The Weekend Retreat – Above Lake Luzern – Another recommendation, this one is in central Switzerland, and has much to offer in the surrounding area. Check this post out if you are going to be near Luzern.



We hope you enjoy these other great posts!  (you can always bookmark them and stop by later)  =o)


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