Help us decide where to go in 2015! 

2015-02-01-Map_10eWe’ve been thinking, and there is so much to see in Europe and limited days off to see it.  We have not yet settled on any destination this year, so we thought we would open it up to you.

Vote for a location that you would recommend, or a place you would like us to go and report back about.  To help you, see the map above for where we have been, or our list. We will also check votes on Facebook, etc.

We are only limiting this vote to Europe!  Keep in mind we do not have an unlimited budget, but if you want to pay to send us somewhere then we’re listening!

7 thoughts on “Vote Were to Go in 2015

  1. Have you thought about Budapest? I went there last year and it was an incredible place with so much to do! Climbing the Buda Hills, soaking in the thermal baths, boat trips along the Danube and incredible architecture… not to mention the food!!

  2. There’s way too many options to choose from. Really depends on what you want to experience. Among my personal favourites are the trips I’ve made to the Pyrenees and the Ardennes.

  3. With the strong Euro and the Norwegian krone going down, down, this is a great opportunity to see more of they expensive country for less money. 🙂
    Happy travels!

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