The last coach I had was… Let’s just say, it has been a while since I had someone telling me how to train, how to run, or encouraging me to push harder. Intro, the Moov device.

I had been skeptical of wearable devices and when I first saw the Moov during their Kickstarter campaign, and after much research, it began to make sense, coupled by the company’s drive to use it with many, sports including running, swimming, boxing, golf, and cycling. My fitness goals touched several of these, and for a reasonable price, I bought one.


I have used this device on many runs in the past four months. First impressions: great! I’ll be honest; it took some adjustments at first, and not just to the AI coach in your ear. The maiden run, I had Strava and iTunes running in the background, and it took a few minutes to get set. I worked out a reliable App protocol* (read below) to speed up the start.

While running, I was not sure what to expect after choosing one of the three run options. I selected the first, and soon found that I could “swipe up” to several levels above the first one, and continued running as I normally would. The main adjustment was that the run I selected was for intervals.

Run Workout - Moov

In fact, all three run options have intervals of various types (i.e. cadence, endurance, speed). Now before you stop reading (deterred by interval training), there are several upsides to this. It makes your usual running route, less boring, by mixing up your route with intervals while the AI coach points out improvements to form, stride, tempo, energy conservation, etc.

This was all quite new to me since the direction was counter to how I learned to run. Seriously, this was a bit of an adjustment. After sticking to the running app and trying several different options, I found this to be a great tool to become better. After the fourth or fifth run, I noticed improvement in my times without the exhaustion of pushing myself too hard.

Sprint Intervals Moov_sm

I began to focus on the Sprint Intervals and the Endurance runs, and noticed further improvements. This was encouraging while I trained (not seriously or intensely) for a city run. I am looking forward to using it again, and I am more excited to get my hands on the Cycling app. I can’t wait!

Let us be your referral, and get yours today!



Product information can be found here on Moov’s website.

*Trouble shooting multi app usage: I usually have iTunes running in the background all the time with Bluetooth turned off. Turn Bluetooth on, and open the Moov App, strap the Moov device to your ankle, and turn it on. It should quickly show up in the App, listing it’s name and the % of battery life remaining.  Push start and advance to the “select a workout”, but don’t choose one yet. Double clicking the home button and switch Apps to iTunes, turn on my running mix, and then switch apps to Strava. Once Strava has connected to GPS, you’re ready to go. Push go on Strava, switch apps to Moov, and hit go to start the workout. This protocol to start and run all apps has worked without flaw for me. When I am finished running, I stop the Moov workout, switch to Strava and hit stop. This is great, because you log your Strava milage, GPS, etc., but you also get your Moov data with cadence, speed, interval zones, % in the zone, stride, and foot impact. More data than most of us have time to analyze.

Recommendation to Moov

It would be great if you could set a distance, a number of intervals, and your approximate run time and the App could calculate the needed coaching program. Many people have their typical running route, having a custom button would aid the athlete to challenge themselves on routes they are used to while making an old run more interesting.


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