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I have a confession to make…I love the gym.  I always have and hope I always will. I am a very routine person and the gym is a huge part of my weekly agenda. When I don’t or can’t go, I am out of sorts. My equilibrium is off in a big way, I get grouchy, feel icky and need to return pronto to get back to a balanced sense of self. Call it outlandishly extreme, but working out and moving my body is a huge part of who I am.

When travel plans take us away from our normal routine, I get a bit anxious. Days without the gym, and time without trail runs with good friends, throw a true wrench in my workout routine. Those workouts are the very routines that drive my weeks and leave me feeling, well, like myself.

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Now that travel has become a routine part of our lives, I think we have figured out the balance of enjoying our holiday, all the while staying committed to our fitness regime.

Some of our discoveries took time, but listed below, you will find a few tips that work for us.

Jump Rope:


A jump rope takes up virtually no space in your suitcase and is a kick – ass cardio trainer, plus it is a tool the entire family can enjoy. Skip on!

For inspiration, try a little workout inspired by a trainer at my gym:

100 jumps

50 sit – ups

80 jumps

40 sit – ups

60 jumps

30 sit – ups

40 jumps

20 sit – ups

20 jumps

10 sit – ups

I adore this workout – it is fast, gets the heart rate climbing and works the abs beautifully!

Hike:  2013-07-26-Zrmat_0908

If you are exploring a mountain region, plan a hike. Hiking is an excellent way to spend quality time in nature, breathe fresh air, with all the beauty that surrounds you, the hike doesn’t even feel like a workout, it feels like a lingering treat. Ask the local Tourist Information Center for a map of the area, whip out your GPS or one of your go to apps and plan a trek.


Please don’t use the excuse that you have children to avoid hiking. That is pure junk – got that – JUNK! We have hiked with our two children since they were infants and have strapped them into the Ergo carrier, comfy and cozy on our front or back, I have nursed them on tops of mountain peaks, pushed them in our B.O.B. stroller and as they have grown, we have taught them to hike by our sides. Our son is a champ now, completing intense hike sand only complaining twice along the way. Those were his words, “Dad, I only complained twice on that one.” What a great little guy – hike on Noah!


2014-08-08 - Iceland 105

If you are on a city escape, forgo public transportation and hit the streets. Bring comfortable shoes and walk through neighborhoods absorbing some of the true urban wonders that await. Walking through a city is the best way to get a genuine feel for the area and along the way; you will be tickled with your discovery of hidden streets, quaint cafés, and museums that might not have otherwise been explored. Plus, visiting a city and avoiding the tourist flow, will make your trip that much sweeter.

Swim:  2013-06-19-mlrca_160

If you are visiting a beach, plan to swim, surf the waves, or walk in the sand. Workouts don’t have to be scheduled, or hard, simply fit activity into your daily routine. You will be grateful you did!


Caution: Scree!

Tabata workouts are my new love. With 20 seconds of an exercise going all out, 10 seconds break and 20 seconds on again, these four-minute workouts are tough and effective. Just when you feel as though the workout is becoming too hard or boredom comes creeping in, they are finished. Well done!

For additional motivation, consider downloading the Tabata workout songs, which leave you free to focus on your workout and not the timer. A personal favorite is “Stronger” by Kanye West or the Hip Hop Tabata (w/coach).

Tabata Workouts that do not require equipment, except for a jump rope:

Push – ups / Squats

Sit-ups / Plank

V-ups / Jump Rope

Squats / Lunges

Jumping Jacks /  Bicycle Sit – Ups

Burpees – because who doesn’t love burpees… /High Knees

Have fun and stay fit!

Time to put the signs up!

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