2015-03-15-lion _02From the moment the musical opens, attendees are captivated by the set design, the intricate costumes and as animals make their way through the audience, one cannot help but become immediately intrigued. The roughly two – hour musical, passes all too quickly, as the genius behind the production unfolds through each perfectly orchestrated scene.

With the original production starting in 1997, apparently this is the fourth longest – running musical in production and it is easy to understand why.

If you have not yet seen the Lion King, I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed. All right, the tickets prices are steep, but to think of the work that is involved, the art that is being performed and the sheer talent of the actors, it hardly seems expensive at all.

The Lion King will be in Basel (how lucky are we?) until the 18th of August. Don’t let this incredible production leave our city without being a part of this awesome production.

On a personal note, our six – year – old son, Noah, and Robert attended the musical this past Sunday. When Robert and Noah walked through our door, they were both smiling from ear – to – ear and I believe Noah’s response, was, “It was awesome Mom, totally awesome!”


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