Hidden among the trees in a tiny forest known as Leywald, sits a small oasis for children. With over 40 wooden sculptures, a gigantic bench to play on and a perfect resting spot to grill a sausage over a fire, this is a must – see for parents with children.


Hike through the forest, discover beautifully handcrafted sculptures and enjoy a day with the children in a natural setting.


How to get there?

Tram 11 towards Aesch

Exit tram at Reinach Süd

Follow signs to “Schulhaus Fiechten”

 One side of the trail does not contain any sculptures, and we made the mistake by starting off here. To avoid the disappointment, simply stick to the right of the trail where you will see a sign Skulpturenweg. The walk from the tram takes approximately 10 – 15 minutes and you will pass a small farm on your right as you approach the start of the trail.


The admission cost is free and the trail would be suitable for families with strollers, if you have a large wheeled, all terrain pram.


Be sure to bring water, sausages or bread to cook over an open fire and have a wonderful time. If grilling isn’t your thing, pack a picnic lunch and take advantage of the large bench that will easily accommodate an entire family. There are garbage cans available at this location, and wood for creating your fire. There are no restroom facilities available.

2015-03-18-Kids_22 The trail takes approximately one hour to walk through, but prepare to stop a lot with children. My children were in love with the ball bahn and we spent about 45 minutes just on that portion of the trail.

2015-03-18-Kids_74 2015-03-18-Kids_66


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