After growing up in Santa Barbara, close to beaches and frequenting them often, too much time without the salty air and hum of the ocean weighs heavily on Robert. When the need to retreat to the sea becomes overwhelming in this land-locked country we reside, he feels inclined to answer the call.2015-05-19-Sardi_233

With a long weekend on the horizon, perfect flights available, we were determined to make the most of those five days and four nights, free of school, and free of work responsibilities. Sardinia, a small Italian island reached out to us, and we grabbed on with both hands.


This weekend retreat is not necessarily a dwelling – a place to retreat or call home, but rather, a place to ease into the slow Italian life, sip cappuccinos and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.


Located down a quiet cove, sits a beautifully shallow,  beach, Cala Sassari, ideal for families with small children. This beach offers plenty of white sand to lazily stride through, castles to create, sun to soak up and relaxation to be had.  The view of Isola Tavolara in the distance isn’t too shabby either!


To make this beach all the sweeter, a toilet is on site, a shower (for those of us who must squeeze in one last swim before we return to the airport to catch our return flight) and a remarkable restaurant – Fino Beach. With fresh squeezed juice, calamari, and amazing pesto, we all enjoyed a memorable meal before leaving with a heavy heart for our trek home.


Cala Sassari, located in the Golfo Aranci area, is the perfect spot for families with small children. With shallow waters perfect for swimming and wading, cabanas and lounge chairs for rent, and the amazing beach restaurant. With all of the amenities available in one location, you are certain to keep coming back for more…if only you didn’t have to return to work, school and all the demands of our routine lives.



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