Let’s discuss camps for children, shall we?  Over the course of several years, our children have been enrolled in the occasional camp as a way to help them initiate new friendships, covet new skills and provide structure to their days.  Listed below are a few camps that we have tried and enjoyed.


e9 – Jugend & Kulture – This organization offers camps in Basel in a variety of themes.  From sports, to martial arts to nature programs, our children will be experiencing these camps in the near future.  To learn more about their camp offerings, please visit www.e-9.ch.

Kids Mega Fussball Camp 2017-2018 – Fall, Christmas, Fasnacht, and Easter Camps available for children ages 8-13.  The camps is 4 – 5 days starting from 10:00 – 16:00.  Camps takes place each day at the Swiss Mega Park located in Frenkendorf.  Cost is between CHF 232 – 290.00 and includes trainer, access to the Fun Park, daily lunch and a T-Shirt.  To register email at sportpark@swissmegapark.ch.

Tiger Touch Rugby Summer Camp – July 3- 7, 2017 – Ages 4-11

Each day 9:00 – 12:30 Pruntrutermatte Park, Basel – contact Billy Valentine valentine@ossianconsulting.com

Kinder – Camps


Programs are available in Basel, Frekendorf (Swiss Mega Park), Therwil, Sissach, Aesch, Arlesheim, Muttenz, Breitenback and Bubendorf.

Programs are available for children 6- 13 years of age in Basel – Stadt at the St. Jakob Hall. Registration for program runs five days (Monday – Friday) from 10:00 – 16:00. The cost per child for the week long camp is CHF 290, which includes their lunch, a t-shirt and a small bag.


Children participate in team events with professional teachers, such as: soccer, floor hockey, mini- trampoline, hip – hop, acrobatics, martial arts, uni-hockey, kin ball and much more.

Lunch is served in a dining hall and our son was always happy from a day spent playing, learning and meeting new friends.

Registration for summer camps is currently open and spots fill up quickly.

Forest Camp in Allschwil – Waldentdeckungsraum


For anyone who knows me, you know that I am a huge advocate of outdoor learning and play. I love the idea that forest playgroups and Kindergartens exist and are thriving in Switzerland. To extend on that idea, forest summer camps are also wonderful ways to teach children to explore, learn and engage in the natural world.

Our son enjoyed a week long summer camp with the day camp in Allschwil. Each week of the camp, a theme is selected that drive the weeks activities. Our son came out of camp each week filthy dirty (a good indication of a great time) smiling and happy with the day.


Registration is currently open for this camp, with week – long programs running Monday – Friday 8:30 – 14:30 daily. The cost of the program is CHF 250, which includes lunch.

Other camps to consider, though I haven’t tried them all:

Robi – Spiel – Aktionen – Each week the program has a different theme to explore.


Ages 5 – 12

Intersoccer – Soccer for children of all ages.  www.intersoccer.ch

Ages 5 – 13 and 3 – 5


Summer Swim Classes – Intensive swim classes for children


Basler Münster Summer Camp – August 7-11, 2017

This year our two children attended a summer camp each day at the Basel Cathedral.  The children spent their days playing games, painting, creating books, touring the church and creating friendships with new children.  The camp ran each day from 9-5 and was a huge hit with my children.

Ages 5-13

Basel’s Department of Education

To learn more about summer camps and the specific programs available, consider picking – up a copy of Basel Life Magazine June edition which is available at Bider and Tanner.  In the past the magazine has listed detailed information on camps and summer events.

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