A funny thing happens when you love where you live…you compare the world to your new home.


It is not to say that we have become immune to natural wonders of this world or have become cavalier to all that still awaits. We are still eager to get out there; to see what this world has to offer and appreciate each new experience, but Switzerland, oh damn you Switzerland for all the pleasures you have bestowed upon us.


Your impressive peaks, translucent streams, endless opportunities to ramble through gorgeous meadows, over mountains, through snow on your meticulously marked trails.  Your cabins that have been built in the most remote of locations and your sunsets that leave tears in our eyes. Yeah your natural beauty has spoiled us and left us to wonder what on earth could ever compare to you?


Your visions linger and we are left to unwillingly compare you to every new country, each new glacier, mountain and lake we visit. Truth be told, many often pale in comparison.


For you are chock full of gorgeous mountains, serene landscapes, crystal clear lakes, hidden valleys, remarkable passes, incredible transportation that never leaves us stranded and all so close to home. No need to wait in security lines, no planes to board, we simply walk to the train station to be whisked away to one more of your stunning locations, while our hearts pound with anticipation.


We ventured into your world unknowing, only to leave changed, humbled and deeply content. We love to call you home, we are eager to send our children into your schools, to sleep under your stars and to dance in your rains.


Switzerland, you have dished out more than we can possibly chew and you have left us with no other choice but to fall deeply in love with you. We always longed to find that one place in this world that fills us so deeply, so truly that we adore uttering the words “home” whenever we speak your name.


But before we part ways, please don’t think that Switzerland is the only country in this world that has run its fingers through our hair, tousled us around and left us speechless…there is still one other country that gets us every time we utter its name. Stayed tuned for that game changer.



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