There aren’t a lot of aspects of this life that are certain. I always imagined a deep sense of clarity would wash over me as I aged. Truth- be- told, some aspects of my life have become abundantly clear, but most are still in the realm of gray. Perhaps that is the beauty of aging, we are still inclined to learn, to seek and to ponder with an open mind.

I was inspired to create this small piece entitled, “I Know” after reading a post on a great little blog: How to Paint the Sky.

I Know….

I know that there is nothing that some fresh air and a beautiful view cannot fix.

Great View of the Valley

I know the power of nature and do my best to appreciate all it has to offer.


I know that a smile can go a long way.

Stockhorn, Switzerland

I know that if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

The Kids and the Plane!

I know that time slips away quickly, so it is my job to make the most of today.


I know that eating well is never a mistake, a waste of time or too costly.  And yes, I am a HUGE proponent of organic foods for so many reasons.

2008-02-14 - Barcelona 059

I know to never apologize for what I believe to be true.

Oeschinensee, Switzerland

I know that being nice is not always in my best interest as a woman.


I know there is nothing better than a warm embrace and the smell of a loved one in my arms.


I know that taking risks is often what makes this life worth while.


I know that no one values a weak handshake.


I know that being your genuine self, is the only self to be!


4 thoughts on “I Know…

    1. Thank you for your kind compliments. My husband is the resident photographer and I must agree, he has a keen eye and a way of capturing the moment. Hope you continue to check – in on our blog from time – to – time.
      Thank you again and be well.

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