“How lucky am I to experience such captivating wonders of this remarkable earth.“

Melinda Taylor Schoutens

2014-08-11 - Iceland 188It wasn’t my dream, but his vision of that Northern island and his longing to explore that remote land slowly penetrated into my full being and I, too was hooked. I never anticipated falling so deeply for a place; a land; the geography, the mystical beauty that is Iceland, but I did and I shall be forever ruined.  For how can any other place ever captivate me the way Iceland did?

2014-08-08 - Iceland 288 2014-08-05 - Iceland 011

There were so many moments on that trip that were beyond comprehension.  One day, as I stood watching the icebergs clenching tightly to their base before releasing themselves into the vast waters on their final decent, their last earthly showing, I felt utterly complete. With my family at my side, the echoes of the ice moaning in the distance, I glanced over at my husband and whispered, “This is it. This is the most remarkable natural experience of my life. If I never see anything again, I have been fulfilled in a way I never knew was possible. Thank you.“

Each piece of ice contained a deep sense of history – a floating story setting adrift on icy waters waiting to slowly melt into oblivion. A profoundly powerful experience that literally took my breath away, I longed to perch myself on those shores for hours, possibly even days just taking in the magic of it all.

2014-08-10 - Iceland 687

And Iceland keeps returning to us, though it has been a year since we have visited.  The other day, while traveling on a crowed train, I crouched over, leaning in to hear the stories my friend told of her recent backpacking trip through Iceland. As she spoke, we both smiled, sharing a commonality that only those who have traveled before to such mesmerizing destinations can fully understand. The realization that a place has the power to transform you, to make this life all the sweeter and anchoring us to a landscape that will forever spoil us for others to come.

The remoteness, the raw desolation that allows miles of terrain to sit abandoned, devoid of all human life, was nothing I was prepared for.   The stillness that mandates one to retreat to a sense of calm, was a welcome break from the noise of our urban lifestyle.  The vastness of it all, the land that is still unspoiled, untouched; it all seemed to make perfect sense in that landscape.

Part I of this post can be found here.


7 thoughts on “Ruined Part II

  1. You have a wonderful writing style – it was a pleasure just reading this post! The way you describe Iceland makes me feel so close, as if I had been there with you to experience those wonders. I am planning on going to Iceland this winter, and I am absolutely sure of my decision now! Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We wish you all the best in Iceland this winter…what a remarkable place. Please let us know about your journey upon your return! All the best to you and thank you for stopping by!

    1. Oh, thank you very much for your kind words! It is always wonderful to receive feedback on our writing and photography. Thank you for stopping by and all the best to you on this beautiful weekend!

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