2015-06-27-Frutt_291jpgSo, here you have it folks, traveling alone as a couple once you have children proves to be very, very difficult. So challenging in fact, it took us six years to sneak in a single night away.

What do you do when that long awaited weekend finally arrives? Where do you go? We dreamed of a place that was located in the mountains, with a spa (in the event the weather was not ideal), a room with a view, a tasty meal, and a location that offered hiking options.


We found exactly what we were looking for at the Frutt Lodge & Spa. The new lodge offers modern, stylish rooms, a picturesque setting that overlooks Melchsee, an onsite spa, restaurants and amazing breakfasts!  Needless to say,  we were happy with our selection.

The first day we elected to take a short walk around the lake, then slipped on our robes and made our way to spa. We spent hours relaxing in the pool, slipping in and of all the rooms and finally sleeping like babies in the quiet room. We then retreated to our rooms and readied ourselves for a nice meal together; rich with uninterrupted conversation and a nice glass of wine.

The next morning we woke to blue skies and made our way by foot to Engelberg. The hike to Engelberg is a beautiful four – lake, one ridge walk. That single night away was ideal for us as a couple longing to remember what it was like to spend time alone; just the two of us.


Thank you to our dear friends for making that night possible. We will forever be grateful!


Frutt Lodge & Spa: http://www.fruttlodge.ch/en/


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