Sometimes a couple just needs to escape. Break the routine for the unknown, the constant interruptions for long, quiet conversations, and the hustle of the city, for the remote quietness of the country.


Thanks to my Mother and a dear friend, we were able to indulge in just that. A little over 24 hours of couple bliss, as we retreated to the soft, green hills above Weggis. With an incredible room, loads of amazing hiking options and delicious meals, we were able to feel rejuvenated upon our return. “You gave me your time, the most thoughtful gift of all.” Dan Zadra



What a complete and total gem we found at the Hotel Friedheim. Friedheim is ideally located, backing up to gorgeous green pastures, which offer lovely hiking trails through rolling hills. Situated above the hustle and bustle of Weggis, this hotel is ideal for those that who do not mind walking about 20 minutes from the boat station.

Hotel Friedheim – Friedheimweg 31 – 6353 Weggis – 041 390 11 81


We were not able to secure a reservation at the hotel for dinner (apparently it is wildly popular), so we headed into town. Positioned on a busy corner sat The Grape, a restaurant serving – up California style cuisine. Robert and I are both from California; so naturally, we looked at each other and said, “why not?”

The restaurant was warm inside and the service was fantastic and friendly. Robert ordered the special for the day and thoroughly enjoyed each course rich with goat cheese, walnuts, lettuce and other delicious treats. I too, enjoyed my meal, but more importantly, relished in the kindness of the service.

The Grape  Seestrasse 60 – 6353 Weggis  – 041 392 07 07


Day one, we dropped off our bag at the hotel and were grateful that the hotel allowed us to enter our room before 14:00 and made our way from Weggis (499m) to Rigi Kaltbad (1,423m). The hike was scenic, straight – up hill and provided a great workout. We were able to reach the summit of Rigi Kaltbad in a little over two hours, and then enjoyed a coffee at Hotel Rigi Kaltbad.

Day Two Hike: Weggis to Hertenstein back to Weggis

The fresh green grass, the rolling hills and the scenic views made the day of our departure perfect. We walked past our dream house (sigh) right on through the woods, which eventually led us to the sweet, yet small town of Hertenstein.

We peacefully enjoyed a frothy cappuccino at the Café Vienna. Silently watching the boats on Lake Luzern, we slowly took in each and every moment of our last few hours away.

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