With snow in the forecast, it is time to think about making the most of winter. For those of us who are not inclined to strap on our skis (yes, I know, and we live in Switzerland), snowshoeing is a great way to enjoy a cold winter’s day.


Last year, I discovered the well-marked (bright pink blazes, which are very easy to see in the snow), awesome snowshoe trails in Les Paccots. Les Paccots is a sweet little area in the French speaking part of Switzerland and located in the canton of Fribourg. There are 12 trails, all-varying in length and difficulty, including a trail for children the Aux Paccots.

We stayed in the warm and cozy Hotel Les Rosalys, which was conveniently, located right on a snowshoe trail. Strap on the shoes and off you go!


Snowshoe Tips:

Invest in good snowshoes or rent them if this is your first trip.

Bring poles, as they will help navigate deep snow and assure your footing.

Dress warm, including: gloves, hat and scarf and sunglasses.

Bring plenty of water, you will work – up a sweat and staying hydrated is important.

Bring snacks or plan to visit an open hut for a nice cup of warm soup or coffee.

Wear sunscreen – the reflection off the snow can be brutal.

If you are taking children along, remember this is an exhausting workout, so do plan an overly ambitious route

Snowshoe Information can be found here.

And for additional information, please visit snowshoe trails.


Hotel Information can be found here:

Les Paccots – Hotel Les Rosalys

Route des Rosalys 20

1619 Les Paccots


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