People value thought over abundance.


There is always someone in need. Find that person, that family, or that organization and give generously.


No one needs another sweater. Honestly, do not buy the sweater!


Consumable gifts are amazing. Think massages, a dinner, or breakfast out with a loved one, wine, coffee, baked goods, tea, etc.

Amazing Meals

The gift of time is invaluable.

 Give experiences as gifts as opposed to tangible objects. Experiences will be remembered long after those socks have worn out.


While I love the idea of supporting charities, don’t forget those charities need support throughout the year. After working for non-profits, I learned first – hand that we were often inundated with gifts, donations and money during the holidays and forgotten the rest of the year. Grateful as we were, giving at different times throughout the year is also a beautiful thing.

Lake Luzern

Over consumption is never a good thing, especially for: young children, our wallets, our souls and certainly wrecks havoc on the environment.


Truly being present is the greatest gift of all.

Teaching our children the power of giving is ever so important.


There is no greater gift than sharing the holidays with loved ones gathered close, delicious smells filling a house that is warmed by a fire.  Bliss!

Happy Holidays to everyone!



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