Gelterkinden – Ruine Farnsburg – Gelterkinden


Hike Details:  Train from Basel SBB to Gelterkinden (approximately 25 minutes)


Once off the train, exit the station opposite the bus pick – up and head to the right. Look for the yellow diamonds to the trail-head and follow the wanderweg to Ruine Farnsburg. The trail parallels the train tracks on the North side.

With our two little hikers by our side, the hike, with stops, took us about 4.5 hours and we covered 9.4 kilometers.


Once we arrived at the castle, we enjoyed a picnic lunch with incredible views of the alps in the far distance. We whittled sticks and climbed (on very narrow stairs) to the top of the castle.


If you are looking for grill spots, to the left of the castle is a steep, but short climb (you will see the wanderweg), where three or four grills are available. The area is big enough for children to run around freely (keep clear of the steep drop on the left) in the mass open field.


We then hiked on through the woods and followed signs back to Gelterkinden.


With plenty of snacks, warm clothes for layering, and a nice lunch our children managed this long hike in beautiful weather.


Listed below is a map of the area (created on mapmyride) for your review.

Gelterkinden Hike


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