****This exhibit will close in Zürich the 10th of January.****

(For upcoming, global exhibit locations, check the listing here)

When New York lawyer, Nathan Sawaya turned modern artist, the result was quite impressive.  Sawaya’s collection, “The Art of the Brick” is currently on display in Zürich, Switzerland exhibiting the impressive modern art collection that creatively utilizes the infamous LEGO bricks to depict famous pieces of artwork, sculptures and his own imaginative / reflective creations, which at times are quite moving. Sawaya wants the world to know that, “Art is not optional,” and it is never too late to follow your dreams.  His work depicts both of those ideals beautifully.


This exhibit is engaging, personal and deeply inspiring. Children and adults alike will enjoy this remarkably captivating exhibit. If you are remotely interested in witnessing Sawaya’s work, run don’t walk to Zürich to take in this captivating exhibit before its’ final debut in Zürich on January 10, 2016.


Purchase tickets online in advance. Tickets are sold in 30-minute entry time slots.

Adults pay CHF 24 and children 6 years of age to 16; the admission cost is CHF 17. Children under 6 are free of charge.

Headsets providing more detailed explanations for over 30 pieces or artwork are available in English, German and French and free of charge.

At the end of the exhibit, children are encouraged to build their own masterpieces using LEGO, which are then put on display in a central location.




Dress warm. The exhibit is in a huge warehouse that is not particularly warm. We never removed our coats while in the exhibit.

Bring your camera. Photos are permitted without the use of the flash.

This exhibit is accessible by public transportation.


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